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nighcoderI've just booted an AGL image in Qemu and I get the video rotate 90 deg counter clockwise.23:01
nighcoderI'm using a 19:6 monitor in portrait mode, as I see the demo prefers it... but somehow assumes it runs on a landscape monitor23:02
nighcoderif I change the rotation settings on my host machine and keep the monitor in portrait I can get the VM to look good, but the mouse input messed up23:03
nighcoderdoes anyone know how to access the settings? resolution, rotatation et al.23:05
furyyou can find some settings in weston.ini but I'm not sure exactly how to set it up for qemu23:09
furyI think it's in /etc/xdg or something like that23:09
furythe rotation value is there, and if you set it to 0 it should turn it right side up, but not sure if it also has to be told to run at 1080x1920 as opposed to 1920x108023:10
furybeen a few years since I ran in qemu23:11
nighcoderi see... will check that... thanks for the input23:12
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