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cengiz_iohello there. I'm trying to build a minimal image with icefish AGL distro on ubuntu 18.04. populate_sdk seems fine but I'm receiving confusing messages when I try to build an image08:39
cengiz_iofor the love of all good and niceness on this planet that is left, can someone help me?08:40
cengiz_io$ bitbake agl-image-minimal ---- WARNING: No bb files matched BBFILE_PATTERN_agl-distro '^/yocto/meta-agl/meta-agl-distro/' ----- ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'udev-rules-imxkernel-modules' (but /yocto/external/poky/meta/recipes-core/packagegroups/ RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)  ----- ERROR: Required build target08:41
cengiz_io'agl-image-minimal' has no buildable providers. ----- Missing or unbuildable dependency chain was: ['agl-image-minimal', 'packagegroup-agl-image-minimal', 'packagegroup-machine-base', 'udev-rules-imxkernel-modules']08:41
cengiz_iohello AlisonChaiken btw08:41
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leon-anavicengiz_io, for which hardware platform are you building it?08:47
cengiz_iohello leon-anavi I've initiated with `. -m imx6qdlsabreauto -f agl-all-features agl-devel -b /build -s /build/` and my docker container executes /build/ that's been generated by aglsetup08:54
leon-anaviI haven't built it for imx6qdlsabreauto recently, but a couple of days ago I built agl-demo-platform from AGL master for cubox-i08:55
leon-anaviit is also with i.mx6 SoC and the image booted fine on hummingboard (of course the lack of RAM was a show stopper for parts fo the demo :) )08:55
cengiz_ioI've only added a single layer called `meta-mycompany` and it has a broadcom closed source kernel module which seems to be compiling successfully whenever I do `bitbake virtual/kernel`. I just added 3 lines to my generated `local.conf`: MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS_append = "kernel-modules"   \n   MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RDEPENDS_append =08:55
cengiz_io"kernel-module-bcmdhd"   \n   KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD = "bcmdhd"08:55
cengiz_iono other modifications08:56
cengiz_iohardware is sabreauto evk CPU208:56
cengiz_ioleon-anavi is my choice is image name wrong? do I have to extend that image?08:56
leon-anaviI don't have sabreauto hardware so I don't build for it.08:56
cengiz_iois it not buildable by default?08:56
leon-anavicengiz_io, no, it depends on your needs. That's why there are so many different images.08:57
leon-anaviWhich layer should provide udev-rules-imxkernel-modules ?08:57
cengiz_ioI just need a sanity check that my board will boot with a default .wic burned on an sd-card and I have the experience to build up on that but08:57
cengiz_iono default shipped image ever builds08:58
cengiz_ioI literally cried a little. this is driving me nuts08:58
cengiz_io>> Which layer should provide udev-rules-imxkernel-modules08:58
cengiz_ioI have no idea08:58
leon-anavicheck it out if you want to fix it.08:59
leon-anaviI think sabre is among the "community supported BSP" in AGL and I don't see pre-built images for it:
cengiz_iogoogle-fu turns 0 relevant results for that dependency "udev-rules-imxkernel-modules"09:00
cengiz_io'Community BSPs' tables lists it but no instructions as you pointed out. it was marketed to me as "it support AGL".09:01
leon-anavigrep and find are you friends in the command line :)09:01
cengiz_ioWARNING: No bb files matched BBFILE_PATTERN_agl-distro '^/yocto/meta-agl/meta-agl-distro/09:01
cengiz_iois this somehow an indicator?09:01
leon-anavimake sure you built an image from scratch before adding new layers as for example your `meta-mycompany`09:01
cengiz_ioI will do that now.09:02
leon-anavialso it makes sense to see AGL JIRA issues for this platform as well as may be to try building AGL master for it.09:02
cengiz_ioleon-anavi removed my layer, agl-image-graphical-qt5 still fails to start building but agl-image-boot seems to be building09:10
cengiz_iothis just raises further questions....09:11
leon-anavieach image contains a different set of recipes so it is kind of expected to have different behavior09:11
leon-anaviagl-demo-platform is the most commonly used image for demonstrations.09:12
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cengiz_ioleon-anavi agl-image-boot successfully boots my EVK board11:06
cengiz_iodo you think I can build agl-image-graphical-qt5 as well? or must I create a new image and extend agl-image-boot?11:06
cengiz_iodoesn't it completely hinder all those profile selections that we add via aglsetup script?11:07
cengiz_ioquick question: since I don't have a designated machine file other than default shipped imx6qdlsabreauto, is it ok that I add lines to local.conf instead?11:15
cengiz_ioor should I extend that machine with a new name and add my lines there?11:16
leon-anaviwell... in general you should be able to build any image, however obviously if the build doesn't work out of the box a fix will be required.11:19
leon-anaviyes, in general quick changes during debugging and development can be added to local.conf11:20
leon-anaviI cannot provide an exact answer because I don't know exactly what are you trying to achieve and I don't have the same hardware here.11:20
leon-anavihave you already built and booted agl-demo-platform?11:21
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smurraycengiz_io: so "community supported" means just that, it's not one of the regularly tested combinations.  You're the first person in 2 or 3 years that's asked about that one11:58
smurraycengiz_io: looking through scrollback, I would very much recommend against passing "agl-all-features" to, that is very unlikely to be a tested combination.12:02
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smurraycengiz_io: hrm, looking at its definition, it should be okay.  It potentially pulls in stuff you wouldn't want for a plain weston+qt5 image like you're trying to build12:09
cengiz_iosmurray so can you direct me to the profiles that I need to enable just for qt5 and canbus?12:10
cengiz_ioI can manually fill the rest12:10
cengiz_ioI don't need weston12:10
smurraycengiz_io: CAN support is in the core, there's no separate feature for it.  Not pulling in weston and using the qt5 compositor is an image definition thing, there's no separate profile for that.  The only demo image for it in the tree is part of the cluster demo stuff12:14
cengiz_iosmurray so agl-image-graphics-qt5 image must be appended/overridden by me?12:16
cengiz_iobecause currently I'm adding up onto the agl-image-boot which seems to be absolute minimal and I feel like I'm missing lots of sane defaults12:16
smurraycengiz_io: basing of off agl-image-graphics-qt5 is one possibility.  If you want to see an image that doesn't pull in weston, look at meta-agl-cluster-demo/recipes-platform/images/agl-cluster-demo-qtcompositor.bb12:18
cengiz_iothanks a lot! noted12:18
smurraycengiz_io: note that that image won't be buildable w/o configuring with agl-cluster-demo with  I also haven't tested it recently, since it's not the main demo, but a member contribution12:20
smurraycengiz_io: for your question wrt profile, if you don't want the demo bits, then you can pass just agl-profile-graphical-qt5 to, but you may then need to explicitly specify the features for audio, speech, etc. if you want them12:22
smurraycengiz_io: the expectation sort of is that you'd make your own layer with an image (and likely other recipes) that includes what you want, and potentially your own superset template to simplify configuring12:24
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AlisonChaikenHello cengiz_io.   I'm glad to be back on IRC after having networking and then certificate problems.13:45
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