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dl9pfgood morning!08:30
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walzert_Hello together14:33
walzert_could it be that I have to much ram for yocto? I had a installation for building the agl-image on a pc with 12GB of rams everything worked until i made a image for intel-corei7 with html5 feature. Then it stucked. Now i organised a new machine with 32GB of rams and now I have an error with liblzma: Memory allocation.14:36
walzert_  /home/agl-devel/workspace_agl/external/poky/meta/recipes-extended/timezone/
walzert_  /home/agl-devel/workspace_agl/external/poky/meta/recipes-support/iso-codes/
walzert_  /home/agl-devel/workspace_agl/external/poky/meta/recipes-core/glibc/
walzert_  /home/agl-devel/workspace_agl/external/poky/meta/recipes-kernel/linux-firmware/
walzert_  /home/agl-devel/workspace_agl/external/poky/meta/recipes-core/glibc/
walzert_and it is a debian installation with 9.9 (was the old system although)14:38
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milloniis there anywhere i can send patches for meta-agl?19:07
millonidont really feel like signing up for gerrit19:07
dl9pfLFID + gerrit, please19:07
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