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furybooted up and running, got a wifi dongle plugged in so i can ssh in... same problem as you with the media player (i have a USB sound card attached)18:01
furyis smack denying access to it the problem, or is that unrelated?18:02
furywhen i initially started it up, the mixer did show me some controls... but now that i've set hw:1,0 as the default in wireplumber.conf mixer is blank18:04
furyit's resetting the USB touchscreen a lot18:19
furylike, every couple seconds18:19
gkiagiaThe logs should say... You can enable wireplumber debug from /etc/pipewire/environment18:22
gkiagiaAnd make sure to solve the screen issue first. Is it powered properly?18:22
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dl9pffury: make sure you use a powered usb hub between rpi and touchscreen19:12
furyyeah, it's a USB 3 powered hub... in fact so powerful that if i yank the power cable out of the USB-C port of the pi, it still runs19:13
furytried different ports too19:13
furyand tried with the GeChic powered by the included USB power supply19:13
furythe screen itself stays on, but the touch goes unresponsive19:13
dl9pfoh powered back through the USB connection ... lol19:14
dl9pfah hmm.19:14
furyyeah, that seems slightly dangerous19:14
dl9pfwell, I used that as a feature on the older pi's once.19:14
furyit doesn't like rebooting, hangs up on waiting for stop jobs (Connection service, Login service, neard service, telephony service)19:15
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furythis is all i see when i enable wireplumber debug...not much19:32
dl9pfSep 11 19:40:23 raspberrypi4 wireplumber[569]: Error opening file /etc/wireplumber/wireplumber.conf: Permission denied19:36
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dl9pfthis can happen  when permissions are changed through editing the file19:36
smurraychsmack -a _ /etc/wireplumber/wireplumber.conf19:37
smurrayThat’ll fix that problem19:38
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furytrying that now19:40
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furygot rid of that permission error but still getting others20:45
furye.g. line 307 Sep 11 19:40:22 raspberrypi4 pipewire[478]: [E][000000014.462751][module-access.c:89 check_flatpak()] failed to open "/proc/460/root": Permission denied20:49
gkiagiathat specific one is a false positive, ignore it21:05
gkiagialet me check the complete log21:05
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gkiagiathat log looks reasonable to me21:41
gkiagiadon't you get any audio now ?21:41
furygkiagia: nope, I don't hear anything, and the media player counts up 2 seconds every second22:40
furyspeaker test says that device is busy, though, which it wasn't telling me before I fixed the chsmack permission22:40
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