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leon-anaviguess who has rpi4 4GB and 2GB now ;)06:31
leon-anaviThe 4GB model arrived yesterday, I will get my hands on it during the weekend.06:31
leon-anaviI see rpi4 machine definitions in meta-raspberrypi master branch so this is a good sign :)06:32
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francesco_kin Hi All, i am using guppy 7.0.3 on renesas h3+KF. The demo phone application cannot reproduce the audio by BT. How to solve?10:19
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waltminersmurray and dl9pf note that the issue with Upsquare boot failing was closed by Li. He tried another memory stick and it worked fine.20:36
waltminerWait. He did not close SPEC-2552. Maybe there is still something going on20:38
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