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mranostayleon-anavi: morning? that is like your opinion, man :)05:35
leon-anavimranostay, thanks for the fix and update of the gerrit change :) You have +1 from me.05:36
mranostayleon-anavi: i'll never wash that +1 again! :)05:37
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dl9pfhi !08:51
dl9pf@iot - is jose online ?08:51
mranostaydl9pf: afternoon!08:55
dl9pfhehe .... good morning (UGT)08:55
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dzvyperHello everyone. I'm quite new to the AGL, trying to boot the latest eel 5.0.2 qemu-x86-64 vmdk with VirtualBox/VMware and experiencing problems with the graphics13:05
dzvyperAnyone can help?13:05
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dzvyperalso couldn't get any graphics booting with QEMU13:07
dl9pfdzvyper: is the output on Vbox not visible or does it scale badly ?13:13
dl9pfon qemu , what happenz if you resize the qemu window ?13:13
dl9pfdzvyper: please take a look at also.13:15
dzvyperdl9pf: it's scaled badly in VBox and VMware13:15
dl9pfdzvyper: that seems to be
dzvyperon QEMU it doesn;t help if you resize13:15
dl9pfdzvyper: ok, good to know.13:16
dl9pfwhat VirtualBox version do you use ?13:17
dl9pf mentions that at least 5.2 is necessary13:17
dzvyperFor VirtualBox it's 5.2.413:18
dzvyperAlso the screen that I get is simply scaled badly13:18
dzvyperI can see some icons there, so it's not exactly as explained in SPEC-776 and 96113:18
dl9pfdzvyper: that is likely not a bug. currently the UI resolution is hardcoded to 1080x1920 (vertical) and on a normal desktop the VM will try to squeeze it into horizontal mode13:19
dzvyperHowever, on the Qemu I don't see anything13:19
dl9pfok, wrt qemu: please file a bugreport on and assign to "Jan-Simon Möller13:20
dzvyperhowever on the console I can see that it boots up correctly13:20
dl9pfdzvyper: maybe check if "systemctl status weston.service"13:20
dl9pfis up13:20
smurraydl9pf: when's your cut-off for 5.0.3?13:20
mranostaysmurray: jinx :)13:20
dl9pfsmurray: plan is actually tomorrow evening my time.   BUT we need to hear what audio change might get in in the devcall tomorrow. So I'd say wednesday is realistic.13:21
dzvyperdl9pf: will file a bug, np13:22
dl9pfdzvyper: thanks!13:22
dzvyperas for the VBox13:22
dzvyperSo what can I do in this case13:22
dl9pfplease include as much info as possible, we'll look into it.13:22
dl9pfqemu seems a bug (need to know how you started qemu and what qemu version) .  vbox seems not a bug, but a 'feature' due to the vertical alignment of the UI.13:23
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dl9pfwell ... its a bug, too, in the end13:24
dzvypergot it. do we have any workaround ?13:24
smurraydl9pf: okay, thanks.  I've got a couple of things I'll try to get queued later today/tonight13:25
dzvyperit's classic to use VBox for testing. it's a shame that it doesn;t work properly ....13:25
dl9pfsmurray: ack, sounds fine.13:25
dl9pfdzvyper: agreed, we need to fix that .13:26
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dzvyperd19pf: got it. do you have a roadmap for it ? i'm asking because there is currently no ticket for that13:28
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dl9pfdzvyper: will bring it up in the developer call today. I can't tell w/o reproducing it locally first...13:43
mranostaydl9pf: i assume you have a script to update the SRCREVs in the recipe for eel releases?13:46
mranostayotherwise my libqtappfw and settings changes will be useless without a recipe update13:46
dl9pfmranostay: no, you have to update the srcrev's13:48
dl9pfif it does not use ${AGL_DEFAULT_REVISION}13:48
mranostayok chicken and egg problem :)13:48
mranostayah right i'll check that13:49
dl9pf${AGL_DEFAULT_REVISION}  defaults to  ${AUTOREV} on the branch  but for a (point)release we can redefine it to pin it .13:49
dl9pfI'd prefer fixed refs nevertheless13:49
mranostaydl9pf: ah i'll have to change that then13:49
dl9pfb/c it avoids surprises we saw with ${AUTOREV}13:50
dl9pfso please just update the hashes.13:50
mranostayoh well do when stuff is merged :)13:50
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Tartarusdl9pf: ping, do you have an m3 failure handy for SPEC-1418?21:28
Tartarusor khilman ?21:28
khilmanTartarus: I can try and create one for you, but my m3 is offline (and in france with everyone gone home for the day)21:57
Tartaruskhilman: No worries, I'm pretty sure about my comments in 141821:57
khilmanbased on what I remember, I think you're right21:59
khilmanthe problems hit by rpi and m3 were slightly different (max args vs max buffer)21:59
khilmananyone know if renesas have a newer uboot for this platform?21:59
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Tartaruskhilman: That they've changed these variables in? No22:00
TartarusWe could "easily" patch that, but then we'd have to flash in newer U-Boots of course22:01
khilmanI'm ok with flashing new uboots.  For CIAT, There's only 2 boards to worry about, one in AGL core lab, one in BayLibre france lab22:02
TartarusThere must be some reason dl9pf didn't want us doing that before :)22:06
dl9pf@Tartarus: re:   I have available if you wanna try out things.22:07
dl9pfwrt u-boot flashing: well , if it affects just 2 boards, we can spin our own u-boot build and max-out the variables as Tom pointed out22:07
dl9pfbut no one will easily find then a way to reproduce it.22:07
TartarusWell, imho, we should be using the U-Boot from AGL22:08
TartarusAnd we can patch U-Boot22:08
TartarusAnd I swear it already builds U-Boot22:08
dl9pfbut I'm fine with flashing u-boot if that is the cure for all22:08
dl9pfiirc we build u-boot for the m322:08
dl9pfcontains a u-boot build22:09
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dl9pfso we'd just have to patch the u-boot config to enhance the vars/buffer22:09
dl9pf... and flash all the boards that might need it.22:10
dl9pf... who patches meta-renesas-rcar-gen3 ....  /me looks at @Tartarus  .... wink wink ;)22:11
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dl9pf , tnx.22:19
TartarusMy tomorrow ;)  And yeah, ok22:23
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