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ExusHello everyone! Does anyone know where i can find some specification on which standards the AVB implementation in GENIVI follows? Or are the normal 802.1 BA, AS, Qat and Qav?06:49
ExusJust wondering if everything is implemented there already or something else needs to be done on top of it06:50
jobolhi leon07:21
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furyhi guys18:53
furyhow's it hangin?18:53
mranostayfury: how is it our favorite furry i mean fury? :)18:55
furynot furry, FURY ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
furynot too bad18:56
furythink i've got my rubik's cube solving down to about a couple minutes18:56
furysome bastardized hybrid between the advanced method and the beginner method18:56
mranostayfury: why do i think you have that link bookmarked?18:57
furyif only i could get my embedded linux hardware problem solving down to that quick!18:57
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furyit comes up occasionally :P somebody showed me the link and i liked it enough to stow it away in my text replacement dictionary18:57
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