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mranostaydl9pf: one question.. i assume the pyro update will pull in everything in poky/ right?07:31
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[AD]Turbohi there07:44
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dl9pfmranostay: yes, all of poky will be updated10:38
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furyHi guys18:49
furyHow’s it hangin?18:49
mranostayfury: smoky and hot18:50
mranostayfury: i wouldn't say sweet if you house was burning right now :)18:50
furyYour house is burning? O_O18:51
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mranostayfury: heh no.. but wildfire 25 miles to the east18:52
furyHurricanes and fires and all that...must be the end of the world O_o18:54
mranostayfury: heh mt rainier just need to erupt to make it  a fun week..18:55
furyIt’s 2017, we just about have self driving cars..can’t we just push a button somewhere and drag and drop the hurricane on top of the wildfire and put it out?18:56
mranostayfury: we have tech that creates those.. look up HAARP and chemtrails :)18:56
* mranostay jokes of course18:56
mdpmranostay: you should get some good photos from your flying car19:17
mdpmranostay: oh yeah, make a camera binding for AGL next :P19:18
mranostaymdp: so you can snapchat while driving? :)19:20
mdpit's what the people want19:21
mranostaymdp: how much longer till the tinder/okcupid binding?19:35
mdpyour self-driving/flying car will whisk you right to your "appointment" with just a verbal swipe in mobility version of tinder19:36
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mranostaymdp: yeah i read that book A Brave New World19:37
mdpenjoy your soma19:38
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