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[AD]Turbociao all07:39
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amjad_i am trying to build AGL on MAC OS Sierra (10.12.5) using docker and instructions shown in the following link08:12
amjad_i have docker running and image is running. But i can not ssh into it08:12
amjad_ssh -p 2222 devel@localhost  gives me connection refused08:13
amjad_am i missing something08:13
amjad_docker ps CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                                       COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                                                                                        NAMES cff167cf63bf   "/usr/bin/wait_for..."   6 minutes ago       Up 5 minutes>8000/tcp,>69/udp,>10809/tcp08:13
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sguy_mwHi all,11:29
sguy_mwI'm working on OTA solution for a Yocto based project11:29
sguy_mwCan someone offer some advice for making the 'meta-updater' Yocto layer work with the RVI SOTA server?11:30
sguy_mwI managed to bring up the SOTA server docker images.11:30
sguy_mwThe web interface let my upload packages, but I'm not sure how to put the OSTree updates there.11:30
sguy_mwSaw the wiki page on
sguy_mwThe "secure updates" sections are under constuction for some time...11:32
sguy_mwAny other pointers?11:32
leon-anavisguy_mw, yes, you can use meta-updater with any Yocto based distro11:33
leon-anavisguy_mw, please have a look at the documentation provided by ATS Advanced Telematic Systems:
leon-anavisguy_mw, which is your distribution? AGL, GDP, Poky or something else?11:35
sguy_mwMy distibution is the freescale distribution11:40
sguy_mwThe device is imx6ul based board11:41
sguy_mwI managed to build image with OSTree, an even modified uboot to make it boot11:42
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leon-anavisguy_mw, ok, follow the step by step instructions at
leon-anaviinstructions for qemu and rpi are available. It should be similar for freescale devices11:47
leon-anaviMake sure you have downloaded and configure SOTA_PACKED_CREDENTIALS11:47
leon-anaviOnce you have built and booted the image you should be able to see the device in ATSGarage11:48
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sguy_mwYa. Already had look on ATSGarage.11:54
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sguy_mwI try to understand what is required to use my own updates server.11:54
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leon-anavisguy_mw, get in touch with ATS Advanced Telematic Systems about that.11:57
sguy_mwIs there any open server for that?11:59
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leon-anaviI am not an expert about the server side12:02
sguy_mwI mailed ATS until I got the device side working12:06
sguy_mwThey wasn't very responsive in the last week, so I thought to try here12:06
leon-anaviI am working on the integration of meta-updater so I will be happy to help if you have any specific technical questions about it12:26
sguy_mwDo you know who in ATS can I ask such questions?12:26
leon-anavinot sure, can you send me an email and I will try to forward it?12:27
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sguy_mwOK. What is your email?12:29
waltminerI have some sad news to note. The Yokohama Plaza Hotel in Yokohama has closed. This was the official hotel for Yokohama AGL meetings.12:35
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Tartarusdl9pf: ping13:10
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deepanshuhello everyone13:56
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Tartarusdl9pf: unrelated to my ping, all of the changes to allow for turning "vmdk" into "wic.vmdk" and then compressing it arbitrarily are now upstream, so once we move to pyro it'll be easy enough to pull back a handful of classes, the only worry I have at this point about that is if oe-selftest and thus meta*/lib/... is just as easy to overlay replace as anything else, as I've not personally tried to do that before13:59
TartarusI've just asked Armin to pull in to pyro 2 of the basic bugfixes that underlie everything else, and we'll go from from on top of that either way13:59
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hitendraQuestion, how do I use built-in low-level can service in the latest AGL version? Is there any reference on github or anywhere?15:48
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