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dunderroffeI have a problem with the latest GDP version where the system crashes after ~3 min on RPi3. Has anyone else had the same experience?07:04
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dunderroffeleon-anavi did you have any experience with the system crashes on the RPi3 with latest version of GDP?07:06
leon-anavihi dunderroffe no, what crashes are you experiencing?07:07
leon-anaviis the case described in JIRA?07:07
dunderroffeI run the system for ~3 minutes then it crashes07:07
dunderroffeI can not rule out that it might be a hardware issue07:07
dunderroffeCan not find any unusual things in the logs either07:08
dunderroffeSo I ask in the hope that I'm alone with this issue and it might be my hardware that is crappy07:10
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leon-anavidunderroffe, I haven't experience anything like that08:30
leon-anavitry with another board and if the issues continues I encourage you to report it.08:30
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rZrleon-anavi, hi11:14
rZrI tried to build agl master11:14
rZrand it failed on i586-agl-linux/rvi-sota-client/0.2.32-131-g878aa38-r0/cargo_home/bitbake/ring-0.7.1/src/
rZrany patches pending ?11:14
leon-anavihi rZr how are you?11:18
leon-anaviI haven't built AGL master in the past few days11:18
rZrI just synced it and trying again11:19
leon-anavitherefore I am not sure what is this error. I have not seen it before.11:19
leon-anavican you please report it in JIRA?11:19
leon-anaviand assign it to so I can have a look at it.11:19
rZrIf I manage to reproduce it11:19
leon-anaviplease specify that you are using master and the exact machine.11:20
rZrwill do11:20
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rZrleon-anavi, not it built11:24
chbaezeenix: I’ll upgrade qt to v5.6.3. Do you agree?11:25
dl9pfrZr: know issue as meta-updater pulls rci-sota-client in .11:25
dl9pfadd  IMAGE_INSTALL_remove = "rvi-sota-client"    to your conf/local.conf11:26
dl9pfpatch is in review already11:26
rZrdl9pf, this is not a solution ;)11:26
zeenixchbae: is it released yet?11:27
zeenixchbae: the update should come from meta-qt layer11:27
leon-anavi+1 from me for the patch :)11:29
zeenixchbae: this is awaiting you btw:
chbaezeenix: I’ll review it.11:34
chbaezeenix: about qt upgrade, basically i’ll update meta-qt5 layer.11:34
zeenixchbae: sure, by all means11:41
zeenixchbae: but afaict meta-qt5 is still on 5.7.111:44
zeenixwrong branch11:44
zeenixbut krogoth doesn't seem to have 5.6.3 either11:45
zeenixso you'll have to update that first11:45
chbaezeenix: I’ll check it and update.11:49
chbaePV = "5.6.2+git${SRCPV}" in krogoth.11:51
chbaeI’ll update to v5.6.2 at first.11:51
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Figureitseems I've lost my password to Jira14:32
Figure anyone knows anything about this?14:33
Figuree.g. like which Qt version you are using now days?14:33
CTtpollardI think Atlassian broke a lot of passwords recently, I've had to reset mine on 2 different instances14:33
FigureCTtpollard: did you get reset link?14:34
CTtpollardAfter requesting one yes14:34
Figurewas it automated? I got only email saying that request was received but not a link yet14:35
FigureThis user account is managed in an external User Directory and JIRA is not able to update your password."14:35
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zeenixleon-anavi: the g-d-p PR will need to be updated cause the m-g-d git master has different hash now15:18
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leon-anavizeenix, ok, let me have a look15:18
leon-anavibtw your script is quite convenient :)15:18
zeenixleon-anavi: thanks, glad to hear :)15:19
zeenixi mainly wrote it so i can make chbae happy while being lazy :D15:19
rZrlazyness is a vertu among scripters15:21
zeenixrZr: i draw a lot of inspiration from this classic article:
leon-anaviwhat's the new has of m-g-d now? GitHub still shows me 8beddad:
rZrtoo lazy to read it but not to bookmark it15:22
leon-anaviam I missing something?15:23
altendkyoutside of purchasing the canbus standard 11898 is there a good reference for proper parsing of signals from messages?  i can handle lots of cases but things like non-byte aligned > length 8 big endian signals look particularly odd.  i feel like i am overcomplicating things.15:24
zeenixrZr: LOL15:29
zeenixleon-anavi: oh, let me check..15:29
zeenixleon-anavi: you're correct, I'll merge15:30
rZraltendky, maybe openxc community has what you need15:31
altendkyrZr: thanks for the reference, i'll see what i can find there15:31
leon-anavizeenix, cool :)15:37
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waltminerFigure AGL passwords are managed at identity.linuxfoundation.org18:17
waltminerhave you logged into Jira since we made the switch LF IDs?18:17
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jlrmagnusHello kov.20:35
faganHello :)20:36
kovjlrmagnus, fagan, o/20:36
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