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CTtpollardleon-anavi: hope you had a fun fosdem :)11:28
leon-anaviCTtpollard, absolutely :)11:28
leon-anaviCTtpollard, how are you? did you enjoy the event?11:28
CTtpollardleon-anavi: Yeh it was good fun, sorry I didn't see you again after your talk11:29
CTtpollardI didn't take my laptop for irc...11:29
leon-anaviI missed you at the automotive community dinner :)11:29
zeenixyeah, good to see you all :)11:58
zeenixmost people had more fun than me though11:58
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Bertrand_Hi all12:43
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Bertrand_Are you aware of any problems on ??12:44
Bertrand_I'm facing timeouts12:44
Bertrand_is server down ?12:44
Bertrand_"git clone git://;branch=master;protocol=http" <-- TIMEOUT12:45
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leon-anaviBertrand_, use the repositories in GitHub12:51
Bertrand_thanks leon for reply12:51
leon-anavithe majority of GENIVI repositories have been moved there12:51
Bertrand_if I just clone GDP-11 I hope this kind of thing is done out of the box12:51
Bertrand_over all the projects12:51
Bertrand_and some project do not have exactly the same name in git.projects.genivi and on github12:52
leon-anaviwell... yes, some of the Yocto/OE recipes are using the old URLs:(12:52
leon-anaviBertrand_, yes :) This is part of the puzzle12:52
Bertrand_just to say : project is just completly broken12:52
Bertrand_it is just amazing12:52
leon-anaviI wouldn't say it is broken12:53
Bertrand_yes it is12:53
Bertrand_you clone, you build : it crash12:53
leon-anaviWhat kind of error do you get exactly?12:53
Bertrand_and more over you loose time with proxy settings and so on because  of doubts12:53
leon-anaviBertrand_, you need to provide details to get any useful help12:54
Bertrand_"git clone git://;branch=master;protocol=http" <-- TIMEOUT12:54
Bertrand_and this is appening on something like 20 other projects12:54
leon-anaviif you provide a log I will be able to be more exact12:55
leon-anavifrom which layer are the recipes that fail due to the timeout?12:55
Bertrand_meta-ivi mostly12:55
Bertrand_to reproduce you just need to execute12:56
Bertrand_ "git clone git://;branch=master;protocol=http"12:56
Bertrand_server is down12:56
leon-anaviok, meta-ivi is very special case :)12:57
Bertrand_I just don't understand why some git.projects.genivi are still remaining12:58
leon-anavionly GENIVI compliant versions of the projects can be submitted in meta-ivi12:58
Bertrand_most of other packages are using github12:58
leon-anaviso the compliant versions for GENIVI 11 are in the old git repositories...12:58
Bertrand_ah ok ok12:58
Bertrand_yes but master is also broken12:58
leon-anavithe rest of the recipes, that are not from meta-ivi, are easies for updating :)12:58
leon-anaviI know that doesn't solve your problem but at least now you know the details ;)12:59
leon-anavithere is a roadmap for GENIVI 12 release that includes updating meta-ivi and GDP12:59
leon-anaviI guess the URLs in meta-ivi will be updated in it13:00
leon-anaviin the mean time... I recommend you to send an email to the genivi dev mailing list to ask for help with the timeout issue13:00
Bertrand_do you know that by shuting down this server then the entire build releases are broken ?13:00
leon-anaviit is probably just an infrastructure issue13:00
Bertrand_oh ok13:01
leon-anavino idea what is shutting it down. This is totally out of my scope13:01
Bertrand_ok ok13:01
leon-anaviI am just a contributor to the project.13:01
Bertrand_in github ? :)13:01
leon-anaviyes :)13:01
leon-anaviin the past through the mailing list but since they have switch to GitHub I submit my changes as GitHub pull requests.13:02
Bertrand_you can submit but project will not compile :)13:08
CTtpollardmeta-ivi should be pulling audio manager from github13:08
CTtpollardunless it is a very old release13:08
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RzRfixes are in meta-ivi master13:12
RzRat least for dlt-daemon-2.15.0-r013:12
RzRzeenix, have you considered to update meta-ivi ?13:12
leon-anaviRzR, meta-ivi is maintained by Wind River13:15
leon-anaviGunnar shared the roadmap for GENIVI 12 in the mailing list recently.13:15
leon-anaviHave a look at the archives13:15
RzRyea but genivi is choosing which version to use13:16
RzRif not realign to upstream13:16
RzRthen bbappend files should be applied13:16
RzRbut It looks they prefer to align upstream instead13:17
RzRat least on my layer13:17
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leon-anaviRzR, just have a look at archives for Gunnar's email and you will see the big picture.13:18
leon-anavithere is a plan with release dates for GENIVI 12 baseline (meta-ivi + GDP)13:19
leon-anavithe work has already started so anyone can use the work in progress branches.13:19
RzRbut master is broken13:19 We might also consider to configure yocto to use GitHub as an alternative source if one URL fails13:21
RzRzeenix, any progress on that ? ^13:22
CTtpollardThat'd be easy to implement with local.conf, or the image recipe13:31
CTtpollardfor instance adding github to premirrors/mirrors13:36
zeenixRzR: i'm a but lost in the backlog now, sorry what's the question?13:55
zeenixRzR: I've wip branches to upgrade to morty and experimental branches13:55
zeenixbut i haven't gotten around to continue that work yet, although chbae said he'll be looking into it13:56
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RzRzeenix, well today master branch of gdp is not building14:13
RzRit could be problematic14:13
RzRspecially if pple back from FOSDEM want to try it ;P14:13
zeenixRzR: what's wrong? the is down so I wouldn't know14:15
RzRsome recipes are not using github as URL source14:18
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leon-anavizeenix, the problem is that is down so all the recipes from meta-ivi that rely on it right now don't work.14:35
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Bertrand_There are also some inside meta-genivi-dev/meta-genivi-dev/recipes-multimedia/audiomanager/audiomanager_7.0.bb15:15
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zeenixleon-anavi: ah15:51
zeenixleon-anavi: i'll ask jeremiah15:51
zeenixhe's sitting nextt to me for next few days15:51
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leon-anavizeenix, cool :)16:12
leon-anaviI have to go, see you tomorrow16:12
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CTtpollardit should all be fine if the git server VM comes back online with the correct config16:43
CTtpollardpremirror/mirror by default in gdp/meta-ivi to github would be useful in any case. Any recipe with only one canonical upstream is problematic16:44
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zeenixCTtpollard: filed a bug and sent email to Tolkien about it16:53
CTtpollardI think the wifi in FOSDEM U building was currently better than my wifi connection & that's saying something....16:55
CTtpollardI'll comment on that ticket zeenix16:55
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CTtpollardRzR: thanks for linking your talk to the AGL list, I tried to get in the room but like you say IoT was full all day17:07
CTtpollardvery busy this year on the saturday, I found many rooms were too small17:07
RzRyea it was crazy17:08
sam____hey is there any way to install a c compiler on agl17:08
RzRI really had the impression this fosdem edition was more crowded than last year17:08
RzRsam____, sure just add gcc to the image17:09
sam____how so17:09
RzRyou can build on device then17:09
RzRdo you edit local.conf17:09
RzRor patch a recipe17:09
sam____no i haven't17:09
RzRbut I suggest you to learn a bit about yocto before17:10
CTtpollardsam____: did you download the image or build it from source?17:10
sam____i built it from source17:10
sam____using this guide17:10
CTtpollardOk, and why do you want to compile software on top of AGL instead of the host build machine?17:10
CTtpollardThe usual workflow is to compile on the host with bitbake/sdk, and deploy the binary to the Yocto image17:11
sam____i want to install a resource analyzing tool like netdata17:12
sam____is that possible or am i going about this wrong?17:12
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CTtpollardsam____: ok, so the best course of action would be to find if netdata has an existing bitbake recipe, & then get bitbake to add it to the AGL image17:12
CTtpollardsam____: which looking at a recipe directory ( seems to already exist :)17:13
sam____ohh, so I add recipes and packages through bitbake17:13
sam____oh great17:13
CTtpollardI mean like you say you could compile something directly on the device running AGL, but it's not ideal17:14
sam____alright, is there a great tutorial to learn bitbake in depth?17:14
CTtpollardI prefer the power of an 8 core 32GB ram x86 desktop builder than my raspi 3 :)17:14
sam____lol good point17:14
toscalixCTtpollard: I thought your rasp3 was super awesome17:15
CTtpollardsam____: I find the general yocto reference & dev docs very useful, not sure directly AGL wise17:15
sam____alright I will start there then17:15
sam____thank you for the help17:15
CTtpollardno problem!17:16
CTtpollardsam____: there's also #yocto on this irc server if you want specific bitbake/yocto help17:16
sam____oh good to know17:17
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Bertrand_Hi all, any news from broken server ?18:43
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Bertrand_This JIRA is just good : :)19:00
Bertrand_Thanks, bye bye19:00
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