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waltminergood morning01:33
waltminerjbocklage it is 10:30 now01:34
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fulupJose t'en en ligne ?05:55
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fulupFor ALPS we are working on the dependencies, the do not have CES2017 as Stephane did when he tested it. We are trying to replace this with symlink on CES2016. Hopefully it will work06:11
jobolfulup, ALPS, we made the following link:06:17
jobolln -s /usr/AGL/CES2017/imports/system /usr/lib/qt5/qml/system06:17
fulupYes we did. In fact we point on CES2016 but it should be equivalent, isn't it ?06:22
jobolyes it is06:23
jobolabout the home screen, yesterday, stephane installed the new version06:24
jobolbut it doesn't works because the services are not started where they should06:24
jobolthe homescreen service must be started in the user session06:24
jobolyes we still isolate system and user06:25
jobolthus it may be the issue06:25
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jobolcan you try to either deactivate all services linked to HomeScreen and WindowManager and launch it by hand06:26
jobolhi mitsunari06:26
mitsunarijobol: If run which is the launching process twice, the HomeScreen is shown...06:28
jobolmitsunari, let switch on #autolinux06:29
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zeenixam i cursed or something? :)
zeenixthis is when building for porter10:26
zeenixseems it has been seen before:
CTtpollardLooks like it, although on an older version of the package (from ivi10) as suggested I'd cleansstate && clean10:51
zeenixCTtpollard: i had removed tmp dir before starting the build10:59
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CTtpollardIt will have raced, the cleans should fix it11:00
CTtpollardyou can fine tune the parallel make config at the per package basis for troublesome cases11:01
zeenixCTtpollard: go server doesn't do make -j ?11:02
CTtpollardI'd guess it's left as default, so dependant on the go agent in use11:04
CTtpollardinfact, the generic GDP pipelines have 'c /bin/echo -e 'BB_NUMBER_THREADS = "4"\nPARALLEL_MAKE = "-j1"' >> local.conf'11:05
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zeenixi guess it would make sense to add a jira task about making parallel builds work11:09
CTtpollardwhen debug specific build issues, I usually set it to only 1 make thread to get clearer logs11:09
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furyhi guys11:23
furyhow's it hangin?11:24
CTtpollardzeenix: you can probably see the issue in that ticket in that not all genivi maintainers help in the collaboration into the baselines / GDP11:24
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zeenixCTtpollard: i guess these are things I'll learn the hard way :)11:27
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zeenixsimply rerunning bitbake helped but now i have another issue (last one from the looks of it):
erbozeenix: I think those taskhash mismatch errors are semi-safe, and you should have a generated image anyway.11:33
rajmthat one can be ignored ( getting that on a renesas build?) there's a rpi patch for that build to kill the taskhash mismatch noise11:33
CTtpollardThat ilm api changes coming to ivi-extension in 1.11 will more than likely affect the GDP launcher12:00
CTtpollardspecifically the removal of 'ilm_surfaceCreate & ilm_surfaceRemove'12:04
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zeenixerbo: rajm: ah ok, yeah for porter build13:25
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furyso I just used the standalone version of Android Auto and, uhh, am I missing something or is it kind of not all that great?18:46
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furyI was expecting something more like the full blown head unit experience just on a smaller screen, this just feels like that "easy" mode on some phones that just blows up the button sizes, with the added annoyance of pausing the screen if you're interacting with it too much18:49
furyI guess that's a good thing to force you out of that habit while driving, but if the song you're looking for is all the way at the bottom, you're either sitting there waiting for it to unpause a few times, or you're exiting Android Auto and happily tapping away at the standard UI18:50
furyseen a few threads/videos reverse engineering the AA head unit and running it on an i.MX6, that was pretty cool18:55
murphy42  yo19:43
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furyhiya :D how's it hangin?19:44
murphy42just trying to decide if i want to try and convert my wrangler cluster to digital LCD's19:45
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murphy42i was thinking of trying to build a stereo like the WRA-X10919:46
murphy42but i would rather just buy that since it does everything i want19:48
murphy42i currently hate the jeep wrangler EVIC displays19:48
murphy42they are outdated for a 2015 vehicle19:48
murphy42i want to do something like this19:49
murphy42i dont think it would be that hard if i got help from some of the folks here19:51
furyI wanna do one of those too19:51
furyI wanna do so much stuff :D19:51
murphy42dude i know19:52
murphy42this guy did it with windows19:52
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murphy42i figure
murphy42i just dont know what hardware i need for any of this19:59
murphy42seems like i could probably just use a raspberry pi19:59
furyraspberry pi probably has the most community support behind it (i.e. you can find just about any idea you can think of either done or at least attempted on a pi and very likely someone who'll tell you how they did it)20:00
furybut it doesn't have as much hardware that might be useful for automotive purposes, like CAN20:01
furynothing that can't be solved with the right dongle, i suppose20:01
murphy42so do most car guages use CAN?20:01
murphy42i kinda assumed they all just had custom connectors that were connected to ODB220:02
murphy42or the car computer20:02
furyi have no idea, tbh. seems like they would20:03
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furyi love Linux so much21:26
furyi am sitting here tweaking my kernel driver module and reloading it within a second after every change21:27
murphyim not at that level with linux but i do really like it21:27
murphyi love OSX too21:27
furyit's a far cry from the way i used to develop drivers, which is to reflash an MCU (a minute long process)21:27
murphyits sad apple really is falling apart21:28
furyi don't think they're falling apart, i think everyone's standards are just getting higher faster than apple can iterate on stuff21:28
murphythey stopped innovating like they used to21:29
murphynew macbooks and iphone has nothing new21:29
furythe new pro machines aren't as powerful or connectable as everyone likes, but here in about 4 or 5 years when thunderbolt 3 and/or USB-C is ubiquitous, they'll be useful21:29
murphyusually they would have some new way that makes you re-think how you did something21:29
murphybut now its just smaller, not faster and the software is buggy21:30
murphyive been a mac person since the apple II-gs21:30
murphyand its just sad to see them hit this pothole21:31
furythe iPhone is a tricky beast to tame... the first one was just so way out there in front of everything else, they kinda screwed themselves by making it look so easy/obvious in hindsight. i like the 7, think it's a decent phone, i just don't want one personally because they don't come in my size :P next phone i get will be an SE21:31
murphyhopefully they will get their momentum back21:31
murphyi currently have a 6s+ great phone but my 6+ died from the screen issue21:32
furythey're doing so much in so many areas, a little at a time in each place (they're bout a year or two past due for a Mac Pro / mini refresh tho)21:32
murphyit just bugs me man, apple used to be about innovating and DIY kinda artitst attitude21:33
murphynow i cant even upgrade the ram in my laptop21:33
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furyi can see both sides of the's obsessed with thinner, lighter, simpler, "it just works" make it DIY upgradeable you introduce some cost and complexity to the system... if you solder everything on, you can eliminate some support costs, some weak points, some failures in the field, and you can deliver a product that meets the needs of most21:36
furypeople most of the time in a smaller and lighter package.21:36
furythat said, i just ordered the very antithesis of apple's modern approach to products...a massive dell workstation which has 20 cores, i can swap everything out at a later date if i need to, add a graphics card or two off the shelf, or max it out with umpteen gigglebytes of RAM, 4 NVMe drives21:36
furydifferent strokes for different folks...i love my 2010 iMac and will keep driving that thing til the wheels fall off21:37
murphyin a perfect word apple would offer something like that21:39
furythat's a pretty sweet looking beast. gsync display, hmm. doesn't say whether it's high refresh rate. i wish more companies would pay attention to 120hz+21:44
furyi had a 120hz monitor for a while, the difference was enormous. even just web browsing felt smoother21:44
murphyjesus the power adapter is 150W21:45
furynot bad, squeezing high end cpu & gpu down to that level21:46
furyidling desktops used to be about that much21:46
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