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jobolleon-anavi, morning07:14
leon-anavihi jobol how are you?07:14
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jobolI'm all right. Do you have feedbacks about I plan to buy 2 of it07:16
leon-anavijobol, I reconnect you to buy the other model MOD-WIFI-ESP8266-DEV07:35
leon-anaviit is developer friendly :)07:35
jobolleon-anavi, Yes of course! in fact I wanted the whole bow that is much more friendly07:36
leon-anaviMOD-WIFI-ESP8266 is with the UEXT connector which is not popular among other hardware manufacturers therefore the unit is useful almost only with other olimex boards.07:36
leon-anavijobol, this is the dev version:
jobolleon-anavi, yeap
jobolleon-anavi, UEXT seems to be a good bus07:38
leon-anaviUEXT is a nice idea but it still remains just an Olimex child07:39
leon-anaviI don't have the model with the box and the battery. I have the simpler model: ESP8266-EVB.07:40
leon-anaviThe one with the case and the battery seems way more convenient for real world applications :)07:40
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CTtpollardhas anyone tried running under qtcreator?10:28
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erboI sent a pull-req on github before I saw the info on the wiki that patches should be sent to genivi-projects, but maybe the fork/pull-req workflow is ok as well? (for meta-genivi-dev)10:48
toscalixerbo: where did you see that info? The current process is patches thriough github first. If you cannot use github, then mail10:49
toscalixcheck the section Code Contribution10:50
CTtpollard*also thanks for the PR :)10:50
toscalixyes, thanks :-p10:51
CTtpollardinteresting, I've not come across icecc before10:52
erboAh, thanks for pointing me to the overall guidelines. Looks good to me!10:57
toscalixerbo: thanks. I made a couple of changes in that wiki page so hopefully others like you do not nget confused. The text was not clear enough11:03
CTtpollardI'm having issues running , but I can't see the usual Issues tab, am I missing something?11:04
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toscalixintensive work on Master to support Renesas Porter and Silk boards15:34
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leon-anaviI pushed three patches related to OSTree and its dependencies in AGL Gerrit16:50
leon-anaviand now I am going away from the weekend16:51
leon-anavi*from the keyboard16:51
leon-anavifor the weekend16:51
leon-anavienjoy your weekend and hope to see you next week at AGL AMM :)16:51
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