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BoopathiHello team!04:32
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onion123jeremiah: Yes I saw it's comment "Last commit: 3 years, 1 month ago (master branch)" in
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paulsherwoodAutomotive Collaboration Panel one year on at ELCE
paulsherwoodThe room was packed, last year - lots of great discussion07:28
paulsherwoodwe'll need some engineer volunteers for the panel07:29
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CTtpollardgood morning07:40
paulsherwoodCTtpollard: based on your work over the last year, who would you recommend to join the panel this time? (maybe tell me in private :-) )07:52
CTtpollardoh cool, another panel at ELCE?07:55
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Boopathiwhat is th e type od volnteering done?08:07
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AlanWHi, how can i use GPIO pins on Raspberry pi 3 from genivi ?09:04
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RzRAlanW, like any linux system ?09:10
RzRAlanW, using sysfs ?09:11
RzRthere are many RPI3 owners around here, arent they ?09:11
AlanWi will check it out thx :)09:14
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toscalixRzR: at ELCE from what I see. See you there09:25
RzRtoscalix, yea :)09:37
RzRtoscalix, are u also planning to go to SF ?09:37
RzRCFP closed yesterday09:38
toscalixRzR I will be there, yes09:59
CTtpollardis anyone aware of any problems with ?10:02
pedroalvarezGenivi's infra needs a bit of love nowadays10:03
toscalixCTtpollard: that server is being migrated today to the new genivi data center10:05
CTtpollard^^ for anyone trying to build ivi11 or GDP10:06
CTtpollardspecifically tarballs needed for capicxx native recipes10:11
CTtpollardpedroalvarez: do you know if g.b.o has these mirrored?10:12
pedroalvarezCTtpollard: I'm not sure10:14
pedroalvarezI can't find anything called capicxx in the trove10:15
CTtpollardpedroalvarez: I'd presume the baserock baseline bring in common-api right?10:15
pedroalvarezwe have those10:15
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toscalixnotifying IT10:16
CTtpollardta pedroalvarez I'll take a look10:17
CTtpollardok so the recipes are looking for  (+ commonapi-someip-generator &
CTtpollardg.b.o has 3.1.5 , I'll check the md510:19
CTtpollardactually that's not what I want10:20
CTtpollardthe runtime recipes are stored upstream in git so that's ok, it's the native packages that are hosted as tarballs on the genivi server10:22
toscalixticket created10:25
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toscalixrajm: CTtpollard It has been notified that is up again13:21
CTtpollardty toscalix13:24
toscalixback to business13:25
toscalixEn marcha13:25
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furyhi guys13:54
furyhow's it hangin?13:54
rjekmoistly, from a clothes horse13:56
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toscalixhave a good weekend everybody15:54
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