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NotSkymachineanyone know much about their snap on?02:06
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warteris there an official way for documenting source code? Doxygen? Docbook?11:29
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jbocklagand under what licence should AGL source code be written?11:38
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CTtpollardare you about leon-anavi-cloud?15:58
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parcoany ideas where i can find people who have dealt with j1939 and trucks?20:55
parcoi've been searching for weeks20:55
parcofor a relay chat type medium20:56
rjekWhat is a j1939?21:07
rjekThis channel is /mostly/ about entertainment systems21:07
parcoentertainment systems?21:13
parcolike installing radios and such?21:13
bjonesmore like touchscreen media centers21:14
parcoj1939 is a protocol that overlays the CAN network on heavy duty trucks21:14
parcoam i in the completely wrong place?21:14
paulsherwoodpossibly, possibly not... there are folks here who work wity CAN, for sure21:15
rjekI don't know of a better place, but I don't think it's most people's expert subject matter here.21:15
parcowell in your experience with CAN for cars, is it typical that the engine broadcasts a message when it is started?21:16
paulsherwoodbut this is not a great week to engage... there's a get-together in Paris, lots of regulars are there21:16
* paulsherwood is not a CAN wizard, sadly21:16
* bjones wishes he was in Paris :D21:16
rjekNobody is ;-)21:16
parcowhat i'm afraid of is that the actual events on the j1939 are undefined by the spec, and left up to the manufacturer21:19
parcoit's starting to seem that way21:19
rjekCAN can be like that too21:20
rjekIt's not rigorously standardised from the point of view of messages, just how the messages get about.21:20
parcorjek: yep exactly21:20
rjekAnd it's not normally introspectable21:21
parcoj1939 totally is21:21
parcowell i imagine that's what the point of j1939 is, to make a CAN network standardised21:22
parcoand introspectable, for use with on-board monitoring devices21:22
rjekIs it a protocol that just uses CAN as its transport, as HTTP does TCP?21:22
parcorjek: yep, it creates these parameters called PGN's from the CAN ID21:23
parcoand each PGN has a set of parameters, like engine speed, engine hours etc21:23
rjekIt may still be vehicle and manufacturer specific how they use CAN to transfer the j1939 messages of course.21:23
parcoi'm more interested in when at this point21:25
parcoi've written all the drivers to deal with different types of j1939 messages, but now onto the crunching. I don't know if i need to be polling or just listening for broadcasts :/21:25
rjekCAN is normally broadcast with a controller that filters the messages you're interested in, in my very limited experience21:27
rjekI need to go to bed! Good night and good luck!21:28
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leon-anavi-cloudHi CTtpollard, I arrived today at the hotel. Are you here too? I hope we see each other tomorrow22:36
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