IRC logs for #automotive for Saturday, 2016-04-09

radiofreerokrau: so when you boot, interrupt u-boot, and pastebin the output of `env`00:19
radiofreeso you've tried `setenv ethaddr xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx` before running the bootcmd, and it still fails?00:20
radiofree(where xx:.... is some mac address)00:20
rokrauyeah - it did all the way until i removed the old variable and saved the new environment00:45
rokrauit was the only way and i did get it to work -00:45
rokrauradiofree: you wouldn't happen to know how I can get sftp-server built for yocto?00:51
rokrauprobably would need to be specified somewhere as an extra package to build00:51
radiofreei would not, sorry00:52
* radiofree calls it a day and heads out00:52
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