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emrtaskPING 806807507:47
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toscalixpre-release day. Double checking everything...10:31
toscalixGDP RC1 is out tomorrow10:31
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chbae_What is release branch of meta-genivi-demo in GDP RC1? master or qemu-ci?12:15
leon-anavihi chbae_, I was wondering about the same12:22
chbae_leon-anavi: :)12:23
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leon-anavibtw it's seems that a time machine has played with the wiki article :) My calendar shows that today is 7 March and according to the wiki: "GDP-ivi9 RC1 was released on March 8th 2016 by the GDP Delivery Team targetting QEMU" :)
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bashrcI notice that the vehicle signal specification is all crisp logic. In reality few of those parameters are known with certainty.12:27
bashrcif you want to do reasoning with that kind of ontology you'll need uncertainty ranges or the ability to specify probability density functions12:29
chbae_leon-anavi: by, the meta-genivi-demo repo points out qemu-ci branch.12:32
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CTtpollardhi all13:20
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waltminergood day13:29
waltminer“Gstreamer is just a squid and you need something at the end of the tentacles”13:30
waltminerCourtesy of Manuel13:30
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JEEBgstreamer theoretically is interesting and quite useful for plugging in closed source decoders/encoders for licensing reasons13:36
JEEBbut personally I've been just stabbing myself with libavformat/-codec13:37
JEEBif libmpv gets relicensed to LGPL that'll be a great multimedia component as well13:37
TarnykoJEEB: didn't know about libmpv ; no real documentation I can find. Is it what the mpv Media Player uses internally to call FFmpeg ?13:40
Tarnykoapparently it is ( and there are third-party media player using it, too ( Get the impression it is mostly a frontend for FFmpeg13:44
JEEByeah, it's a nice one13:50
JEEBI added android support recently13:50
JEEBit's a thing on top of the FFmpeg libraries, yes13:51
JEEBand with generally usable audio/video renderers13:51
JEEBthe opengl (es) one is especially good13:51
Tarnykoho :) ok, good work ! I recall evaluating mpv some months ago13:51
JEEBback in the TIVI days I did some random off-time hacking getting it to run on the ICO Homescreen :)13:53
Tarnykothis definitely clicks here, helped to keep ICO for shape for some of the latest TIVI releases (when it had difficulty coming in terms with the new web runtime)13:54
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toscalix_leon-anavi: we prepare everything between this morning and friday because I am travelling tomorrow14:00
toscalix_the content about the current release, beta, is below in the same page14:00
leon-anaviok, no problem, I have been surprised to see it "was" released tomorrow. It was kind of "back to the future" ;) :) :)14:01
leon-anaviis rc1 working on Renesas porter board?14:02
CTtpollardleon-anavi: the renesas maintainer has provided patches for gdp9, not merged as of yet14:03
CTtpollardyou should be able to find it on the mailing list14:03
leon-anaviCTtpollard, ok, thanks for the info.14:04
JEEBTarnyko: I was doing the window management stuff :)14:05
JEEBand updating the ivi-shell/wayland-ivi-extension together with a coworker + ICO homescreen's usage of them14:06
JEEBI think we had the to-be-upstreamed ivi-shell in there in the end (which was merged into weston 1.7) with weston 1.614:07
Tarnykoyes, IVI-Shell upstreaming came just after that (and hence, is now working well in AGL :) ) ICO was sitting on top of it, a bit more complex and I admit never having dug into the whole thing14:10
Tarnykoho, just got Weston 1.9 working on Porter, will let people know14:11
* JEEB just got his rpi314:11
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chbaeHi CTtpollard17:11
CTtpollardhey chbae17:12
chbaeCTtpollard: GDP9-RC1 will release in qemux86-64 branh in genivi-demo-platform and qemu-ci branch in meta-genivi-demo. right?17:13
CTtpollardchbae: the master of meta-genivi-demo will have the updates of rc117:15
CTtpollardi.e weston 1.9 support17:16
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chbaeCTtpollard: Yes. Now I see it.17:17
chbaeCTtpollard: Then which branch can I use for RPI2 update?17:19
CTtpollardchbae: we push to the qemu-ci branch for a pipeline17:19
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chbaeCTtpollard: Ok. current qemu-ci branch is RC1 release or you’ll add more commits?17:20
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chbaeCTtpollard: I’ll rework my rasp-rc1 branch followed by GDP RC1 branch.17:22
CTtpollardchbae: great :)17:23
CTtpollardI look forward to trying it, I noticed you've managed to try weston 1.9 on it which is excellent17:24
chbaeCTtpollard: As I said in jira, I already tested current master branch which has weston 1.9. It works but have same problems.17:24
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aeicheHi Vlad23:21
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jlrmagnusHi aeiche23:40
aeichehi jlrmagnus23:46
aeicheWhat cool stuff are you up to today?23:48
jlrmagnusCar stuff. Mostly23:59
jlrmagnusSecret car stuff.23:59

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