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westonhi all09:04
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Tarnykohi folks11:55
Tarnykohi !11:56
TarnykoI was just able to get LightMediaScanner running, along with the corresponding Rygel plugin ; they are needed by GENIVI MediaManager and corresponding demo apps. Please review :
Tarnyko(GENIVI Media Manager is here : . Notice the "lightmediascanner" dependency)11:57
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leon-anavihi Tarnyko :) that's great :)12:18
leon-anaviIt was merged quite fast, I was just looking at it.12:24
Tarnykoleon-anavi: hi ! just dropping my sandwich :) yeah I felt it was a good timeframe to do this12:28
Tarnykojust saw that ; jan-simon is back !12:28
leon-anaviTarnyko thanks! btw I created a patch directly to the c file (not vala) to fix the crash if directory  /usr/lib/rygel-2.6/plugins does not exist.12:29
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Tarnykoleon-anavi: congrats ; maybe we could share this with the rygel folks ? pretty sure they would appreciate12:30
Tarnyko(didn't see the crash because i build media-export when lms is not there)12:31
leon-anaviI appears that I have been building it too but it was not shipped with the actual image that I flash on the device.12:31
gunnarxIn the rygel and LMS stuff you are doing now, what's the relationship to previous mediamanager work, if any?12:32
Tarnykogunnarx: afaik, mediamanager needs it to run, and that's all I know (maybe leon knows better)12:32
leon-anaviTarnyko: this patch from Friday deployed and shipped plugins in my image (based the Tizen distro and Yocto release dizzy)
Tarnykoleon-anavi: yeah, the plugin stuff is tricky. Basically they always get built, but only ship if you add them to your local IMAGE_INSTALL_append or some packagegroup (by adding "rygel-plugin-lms" e.g.)12:34
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leon-anavido you add something like rygel-plugin-mediamanager to your builds?12:35
Tarnykothanks ! It is more an OE patch then, will see if it makes sense to send it right now (these folks are merging, with deadline 10/30)12:36
Tarnykoyes, right here I add the lms plugin explicitly :
gunnarxTarnyko:  Yes I think you are right that it is depending on it and maybe no one did the required bitbake integration yet?  So you are saying the needed things are not in either meta-ivi or meta-genivi-demo for example?12:37
Tarnyko(these packagegroups always get parsed, that's defined in "poky-agl.conf" I think)12:37
Tarnykogunnarx: there was an old "lightmediascanner" recipe in meta-openembedded/meta-efl, but not our version (Dizzy)12:38
leon-anaviTarnyko thanks for the link I will have a look12:38
Tarnykogunnarx: what's more, Rygel itself didn't have a LMS plugin officially, because needed code was never merged upstream (it was maintained directly in Tizen IVI by Intel folks)12:39
* paulsher1ood is confused if GENIVI Media Manager is not already integrated in GENIVI recipes12:40
Tarnykogunnarx: so I also needed to rebase this code and send it upstream again : (even if it seems there was already some code hangin around)12:40
gunnarxTarnyko:  And in media manager development I think.  See also
gunnarxpaulsher1ood:  Me too but the main development was done on Tizen IVI in order to support AGL.  I think it's not in GDP "yet"12:41
Tarnykogunnarx: yes, I stumbled on this repo while talking with Jeremiah a few weeks ago12:41
Tarnykopaulsher1ood, let me look in current meta-ivi12:41
gunnarxI don't suspect it to be in meta-ivi.  Officially the code is considered "proof of concept" in GENIVI12:41
paulsher1oodgunnarx: fair enough. so here we have AGL integrating it, while genivi doesn't? :-)12:42
gunnarxwhich means not in the baseline, unless it can be guaranteed to fulfil all specification requirements.  baseline should be compliant, therefore we are careful with proof-of-concept which is not guaranteed to fulfil all reqs12:42
Tarnykopaulsher1ood, gunnarx: you're right, there's no "media" recipe in there.12:42
Tarnykogunnarx: in my understanding, leon-anavi needs it for the GENIVI demos, thus I am helping12:43
gunnarxpaulsher1ood:  It was supposed to be a shared project.  The naming "GENIVI" media manager probably because GENIVI funded some development12:43
paulsher1oodmaybe this doesn't matter anyway... got the impression from what dan said to me last week that hell will freeze over before genivi and agl reuse the same recipes :)12:44
Tarnykopaulsher1ood: in think we could say that the first guy doing the work put it in AGL because it is more his "department" ;)12:44
gunnarxI hope AGL still sees this as a shared project.  Not sure if the current way everyone calls it GENIVI-mediamanager is a problem - there have been a few weird statements about "GENIVI software" being good/bad/whatever.  I suspect projects are rated on their merit hopefully.12:44
leon-anaviTarnyko gunnarx I am trying to get Automotive Grade Linux application suite working on Tizen distribution built with Yocto/OE.12:45
paulsher1oodTarnyko: ack12:45
gunnarxApplication suite?12:45
* paulsher1ood thought Tizen was an ex-topic here :)12:45
* Tarnyko could say lots of thing about the Tizen topic :)12:46
gunnarxleon-anavi:  If you swapped AGL and Tizen in the above statement I would maybe understand it12:46
leon-anavigunnarx yes, Automotive Grade Linux application:
TarnykoI guess leon means that Tizen (on Yocto) had some recipes they were relying on for the applications, seems logical to me12:48
leon-anaviThe applications in this AGL suite have dependencies on Wayland, Weston, Crosswalk and several Crosswalk extension which provide JavaScript APIs (and their corresponding bindings to native code)12:49
Tarnykoleon-anavi: out of curiosity, do you know which custom JS APIs you are relying on ?12:50
leon-anaviTarnyko I have been asked about this before. give me a minute or two to see where is the list :)12:51
Tarnykohehe ok np, could also wait12:51
gunnarxThose are APIs added by Tizen IVI I believe.  Isn't it the case that this stuff already runs on Tizen IVI, but not anywhere else?12:52
Tarnykoif it is Crosswalk, they yes Tizen IVI was the only "real" implementation (Crosswalk didn't run on general-purpose distros)12:53
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Tarnykoleon-anavi: by the way, as I said in the review, lightmediascanner daemons do not start automatically, but I have a series of commands to get them running if you are interested12:55
leon-anavisure, I am interested :)12:55
Tarnykoputting this on hastebin for convenience :
leon-anaviTarnyko is it something similar to this script for the Media Manager app (in the AGL app suite) ?
Tarnykoleon-anavi, looking12:57
leon-anaviI am also looking :)12:57
leon-anaviit seems similar to the mm script for the Media Manager app.12:58
Tarnykoyes, this script does it the SystemV way, basically it only needs some bit of systemd fancying12:58
Tarnykoideally there would be 2 systemd units (rygel.service and lightmediascanner.service) sharing some default royalty-free media files ; on TIzen we had the well-known BigBuckDanny video preinstalled I think12:59
paulsher1oods/Danny/Bunny/ i believe13:00
Tarnykopaulsher1ood: correct :)13:00
leon-anaviI think we all know very well that video :)13:01
Tarnykohehe. well, this fits more into "meta-agl-demo"if we want this to happen13:01
leon-anaviTarnyko I am unable to find the exact list of Tizen specific APIs on which the AGL app suite depends but a quick grep into the directory of the JS source code shows:13:01
leon-anaviapplication, bluetooth, phone, vehicle, speech, audiosystem13:03
leon-anavimy grep statement is not very precise so may be I am missing some APIs13:04
paulsher1oodwhat is a tizen-specific API? how does that work post-tizen?13:05
Tarnykotizen.application.launch, , these kind of things of suppose. Yes they were all living in the crosswalk tizen extensions13:05
leon-anaviand there is a JavaScript object tizen through which these APIs are used.13:05
Tarnykopaulsher1ood: these are web APIs, you call them from JS. Basically Crosswalk extended Chromium's web engine to provide them13:05
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leon-anavithese APIs fit the gap between W3C defined JavaScript APIs and the features needed for standalone HTML5/JS applications for the automotive (and not only)13:07
Tarnykoleon-anavi: when I was bored on day, I tried to get Crosswalk running on QEMU/Renesas boards with AGL, but failed miserably. Did this even work on Tizen IVI with QEMU back then, do you remember ? (I don't think so)13:08
paulsher1oodcan someone point me to the upstream for these apis?13:08
waltminergood morning13:08
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Tarnykowaltminer: good morning13:08
paulsher1oodTarnyko: tvm13:09
waltminerIs the tools meeting now? Did Europe change time over the weekend?13:09
leon-anaviTarnyko I remember that I got Tizen IVI working on QEMU on my laptop (with Intel i5 CPU) several months ago. I has been a while but I think Crosswalk was included in that image.13:09
leon-anaviIt was a pre-built image (with GBS, not Yocto) that I downloaded for download.tizen.org13:10
paulsher1oodwaltminer: fair question... it changed in UK, i had *assumed* it changd in EU13:10
paulsher1oodit's changed in EU... you're early13:10
waltminerUSA changes next weekend13:10
rjekUK and EU both change at the same moment13:10
leon-anavipaulsher1ood let me find the upstream of the APIs (actually just of the Crosswalk extensions)13:10
Tarnykoleon-anavi: ok, very interesting... maybe I should grab it too, to see where the technical gap is13:11
paulsher1oodleon-anavi: tvm... i'm wonrdering mainly where the actual code is13:11
rjekI believe this tweet of mine from last year is relevant
Tarnykorjek:  :D13:11
leon-anaviTarnyko: here is how you can get it working with QEMU:
Tarnykoleon-anavi: cool, thank you !13:12
leon-anaviTarnyko: make sure that you are building QEMU with YAGL from scratch13:12
leon-anaviAlternatively, you can run Tizen:Common and Tizen IVI in VWware.13:13
Tarnykoah yes YaGL, we don't have this under AGL, and justly crosswalk fails with gpu-related error messages... seeing a pattern here13:13
leon-anaviand btw my experience shows that you cannot run Wayland/Weston with hardware acceleration in Virtualbox13:14
Tarnykoleon-anavi: yeah, it only works very basically with VMware, because Mesa has a partly functional vmwgfx driver (crosswalk still doesn't run)13:15
leon-anavipaulsher1ood I think that this is the upstream of the Crosswalk extensions for Tizen 3:;a=shortlog;h=refs%2Fheads%2Ftizen13:15
leon-anavibtw you will need a Tizen Gerrit account to browse the repo.13:16
paulsher1oodso much for open source, then. i'm not signing up for that.13:16
Tarnykoleon-anavi: this topic interests me a lot, I have begun working on a backport for QEMU accelerated GPU support ( , totally forgot about YaGL. If I ever make some progress, I'll let you know.13:16
leon-anavihm... interesting it seems that the documentation about writing Tizen extensions for Crosswalk using the C and C++ programming language is not longer available at crosswalk-project.org13:18
Tarnykopaulsher1ood: there is an anonymous access floating around here :;a=summary13:18
leon-anaviTarnyko I am not really familiar with details about meta-agl. Is Crosswalk part of it?13:18
paulsher1oodTarnyko: tvm13:19
Tarnykoleon-anavi: no, at least not currently, and anyways it would require some of this GPU stuff. Basically you get the binary, but it crashes when trying to display something on screen. henre the yagl/virtio hacks (honestly, gpu-speaking, crosswalk is a beast)13:21
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Tarnykoneed to regress-test a patch, bb in 15 minutes13:21
leon-anaviTarnyko indeed, I have personal experience with getting Crosswalk to work on i.MX6 and I confirm it is a huge beast.13:22
paulsher1oodwhy is that a good thing for automotive?13:22
paulsher1oodor put another way, is Crosswalk 'automotive grade' ?13:23
leon-anavipaulsher1ood who said it is a good thing :) ?13:25
paulsher1oodi ask in part because i got told strongly last week that some GENIVI choices are not suitable for AGL... hence I'm wondering what's better about choices AGL is specifically making13:25
CTtpollardhas anyone tried to build gdp with the instructions provided by Amir on the ML & I've worked through many errors and ended up with a rootfs13:27
paulsher1oodCTtpollard: why do you ask? doesn't it boot/work?13:30
CTtpollardpaulsher1ood: I've got it deployed and booting, but I'm missing weston in systemd13:32
CTtpollardalthough I may have just found the issue13:32
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CTtpollardthe provided meta-genivi-demo patch had a file extension typo so genivi changes were not being appended13:40
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kooltux`hi walt13:55
waltminerhi stephane13:56
kooltux`getting ready for the call in 5mn13:57
waltminerjust got a fresh cup of coffee so I am ready to go13:58
kooltux`same for me :)13:58
paulsher1ood== GENIVI Tools Team Meeting Starts ==14:00
paulsher1oodhi folks14:00
gmacarioHi there!14:01
paulsher1oodi've opened the webex line if folks are interested...14:01
paulsher1ood should give you a link14:01
paulsher1oodgmacario: are you back in europe now?14:02
* CTtpollard apologises 14:02
gmacarioYes I am14:02
gunnarxcalling in14:02
* paulsher1ood hopes he dialled the right number... he seems to be alone on the call14:02
* paulsher1ood can hear gunnarx 14:03
waltminerthere is a call? I thought it was still IRC only14:03
paulsher1oodwaltminer: we'll document here, so you don't need to call in if you prefer not to14:03
gmacarioI have troubles dialing in, will stay in IRC only14:03
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waltminerI am on another call14:03
*** philrob has joined #automotive14:04
paulsher1oodthat's a couple of reasons for preferring irc meetigns14:04
paulsher1oodhi klausbirken !14:04
paulsher1oodi'm sorry the F2F for tools team got completely derailed...14:04
waltminerkooltux_ are you having a problem with the audio?14:05
klausbirkenwhy? haven't looked for minutes yet14:05
paulsher1oodi ended up in discussions about  AGL at the alotted tim14:05
paulsher1oodand those discussions were a bit disappointing i must say14:05
paulsher1oodmy pre-agenda...14:06
klausbirkenshould we call in on webex audio?14:06
paulsher1oodklausbirken: you are welcome to... but i'm typing as fast as i can14:06
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paulsher1ood== Merge of BIT and Tools Team ==14:07
paulsher1ood(no decision has been made... just discussion/thinking)14:07
gunnarxphilrob says the above ^^14:07
gunnarxpaulsher1ood:  I can help out  scribing some notes from the audio call14:08
paulsher1oodphilrob summarises that bit tends to increase activity at baseline release times14:08
paulsher1oodgunnarx: tvm14:08
gunnarxphilrob says, BIT has in the past worked on various topics related to requirements and execution of both GDP and automated tests14:09
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gunnarxphilrob says, AFAIK the TT does not really provide project management right now.  TT is better working on requirements / sharing?  It's an open question - please provide input14:10
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gunnarxpaulsher1ood says, similar people attend the two team meetings14:11
gunnarxpaulsher1ood says, TT have been successful encouraging more work in the open14:12
gunnarxpaulsher1ood says, wondering is there additional BIT work that we can get in the open.14:13
gmacariopaulsher1ood: Do you have specific ideas in mind? AFAIK main BIT deliverables (i.e. Baselines) are already in the open14:14
jeremiahAnd much of the BIT work is project managment, i.e. managing the releases and point releases.14:15
gunnarxpaulsher1ood says, if we have some combination we want to make sure we can work openly14:15
jeremiahIn what way is it not open?14:16
gunnarxphilrob says, , there should not be that much private in BIT14:16
gunnarxjeremiah:  agreed, that's the sentiment on the call right now14:16
paulsher1oodits proceedings are documented in private (more for historical reasons) and its meetings are not held in the open iiuc14:16
gunnarxgunnarx says, In my opinion key deliverable from BIT is the baseline, the rest is a bonus.14:17
paulsher1oodthe results of BIT (baselines, GDP) have been made public consistently over several years14:17
gmacariogunnarx: +114:17
jeremiahgunnarx: +114:17
gunnarxgunnarx says, other deliverables (GDP, automated testing) need to be included in a combined group14:18
gunnarxpaulsher1ood says, GDP is a key deliverable14:18
paulsher1oodGDP ccould and should be considered a key deliverable too :)14:18
gunnarxgunnarx says +114:18
jeremiahI don't think there is anything blocking the BIT from publishing its minutes on the public wiki if that was wanted.14:18
jeremiahpaulsher1ood: But much of that is being done *outside* of the BIT (i.e. GDP)14:19
jeremiahGDP gets reported into PMO14:19
gunnarxjeremiah:  we do some baseline planning related to the compliance aspect of baseline.  This part is a GENIVI internal meeting.  The result is published as part of meta-ivi however14:19
jeremiahAnd we're not getting open minutes from there either.14:19
philrobGDP reported to PMO because of the BIT leadership position only14:20
jeremiahUmm, okay.14:20
jeremiahThat's a little weird to be noting after there have been two releases coordinated via PMO, but okay.14:20
jeremiahIt makes sense that the GDP comes into the BIT.14:21
philrobno, it is not weird, it was just a countermeasure to get prepared for Seoul AMM14:21
gunnarxpaulsher1ood says, in order to get more adoption of for example CommonAPI / Franca they should be more discussed / promoted in the context of baselines and other systems14:21
jeremiahI don't think that more discussion will make a difference frankly.14:22
jeremiahMany companies know about Common API and some choose not to use it.14:22
paulsher1oodjeremiah: show me the code :)14:22
jeremiahpaulsher1ood: Show me the code. :-)14:22
jeremiahShow me someone who doesn't know about CAPI and Franca14:23
gunnarxpaulsher1ood, what's next step in discussing BIT/TT join14:23
gunnarxdiscussing if there are any conflicts or problems...14:25
paulsher1oodBIT discussion of planning for compliance could not be conducted in public, the rest could14:25
jeremiahpaulsher1ood: +114:26
gunnarx+1, not setting GENIVI policy here, just this is the current working model.  All artifacts are open.14:26
jeremiahYep, and we can publish minutes publicly.14:26
gunnarxmeta-ivi input could be received, discussed and acted upon as a normal public project.  meta-ivi processes for the actual code is to receive public patches.14:28
gunnarxI am saying baseline is one thing, meta-ivi could be _more_ than that (using branches), completely up to meta-ivi maintainer14:28
paulsher1oodnext step would be to propose a revised charter (not on irc)14:29
gunnarxpaulsher1ood, philrob trying to work out what next steps are...14:30
jeremiahI think a charter that pointed to shared responsbility in the BIT would be a huge advantage for GENIVI14:30
jeremiahMight remove potential issues should maintainers be called into production projects for example14:30
paulsher1oodjeremiah: please could you expand on that?14:30
paulsher1oodoh, i see what you mean...14:31
jeremiahWell, we shouldn't have a singlye commiter14:31
gunnarxI don't.  Can you clarify, "shared responsibility in the BIT?"14:31
paulsher1oodso we could avoid a repear of the the sitaution where a maintainer goes AWOL14:31
paulsher1oodleaving the project screwed for a few months14:31
jeremiahHaving mutliple parties able to commit will prevent a single point of failure14:31
gunnarxIt's not clear which project you're talking about.  Jeremiah said BIT, do you mean meta-ivi?14:31
jeremiahSorry, more meta-ivi than BIT14:32
gunnarxok.  +114:32
paulsher1oodi meant individual projects, yes, not BIT14:32
gunnarxpaulsher1ood says, action is on me and philrob?14:32
paulsher1oodACTION: paulsher1ood and philrob to consider revised charter?14:32
gmacarioWe should already have a similar requirements for Open Source Projects, right?14:32
jeremiahgmacario: Yep14:32
paulsher1oodcan we just re-use something from there?14:32
paulsher1oodshall we move on?14:33
paulsher1ood== TT Collaboration with AGL ==14:33
gunnarxyes.  we try to require 2 maintainers as a sign of a healthy project14:33
gunnarxwhat tools are AGL envisioning?14:34
gunnarxany needs, requirements known so far?14:34
gunnarxpaulsher1ood, primarily it would be CIAT14:34
gmacarioAFAIK AGL is currently using Jenkins as CI tool14:34
gunnarxgmacario:  +1, also mentioned now in call14:35
* paulsher1ood has found that there is top-level resistance (from AGL) to actual collaboration between AGL and GENIVI14:35
jeremiahI think there automated testing set up using Jenkins and Ctest is something that we ought to look at.14:36
paulsher1oodso maybe this topic will die14:36
gunnarxI have also asked about this but I think it's hard - AGL wants to "move fast" (own words) and integrate their things14:36
paulsher1oodis anyone here interested to keep it alive?14:36
paulsher1oodwaltminer for example?14:36
gunnarxI fear organizations may need/want their own infra in order to guarantee availability and focus on their strategic parts.  Maybe.14:36
paulsher1ood(and their own people :-) )14:37
gmacarioIf we have a way of sharing investments I believe this is a good thing to try14:37
jeremiahgmacario: What do you see as "low hanging fruit"?14:37
gunnarxpaulsher1ood showed baserock CIAT.  AGL not using... Other several ideas around CIAT are brewing... so maybe come back to the topic later.14:38
gmacarioSetting up the same CI tool maybe14:38
paulsher1oodgmacario: in theory yes, in practice not so14:38
gmacarioWe as GENIVI do not have daily builds14:38
jeremiahgmacario: No does AGL.14:38
*** klausbirken1 has joined #automotive14:38
gmacarioWhat about
gunnarxgmacario, it only matters if we have the exact same server - so that anyone can input recipes that they want into that14:39
paulsher1ood'daily builds' is not necessarily the right way to do things14:39
*** klausbirken has quit IRC14:39
* paulsher1ood proposes to got to normal Tools Team business14:39
waltminerAGL is doing Jenkins builds on every propsed change and after every commit14:40
paulsher1oodandreas has no topics for today14:40
waltminerso it is not a “daily build”.14:40
gunnarx+1 it's more than builds - deployment, testing... Let me show you an idea at a later time.  I may write up an email since we want to move on.14:40
gunnarxwaltminer, understood.  I think we're trying to move on.14:40
waltminerok I just saw the topic.14:41
gunnarxnp walt14:41
gunnarxklaus says, Franca presentation update in Seoul.  Feedback?14:41
gmacariok.aus: I liked it as usual14:41
gunnarxphilrob says, we're missing some people who may have feedback.  can we postpone?14:41
paulsher1oodphilrob proposes to get feeedback next week14:41
paulsher1oodmost people have not collected their thoughts sicne the AMM14:42
klausbirken1gmacario: thx14:42
gunnarxpaulsher1ood, let's collect up the topics now, get feedback next week14:42
gunnarx^^ paulsher1ood says14:42
paulsher1oodAOB for today?14:42
gunnarxgunnarx says,  klaus: are you using franca_install_automation for testing, any issues?14:44
gunnarxklausbirken1 says, will use it for testing again when next release is ready.14:44
gunnarxpaulsher1ood plugs the livecast of the baserock hands on14:45
gunnarxklaus says, link?14:45
*** jeremiah has quit IRC14:45
*** jeremiah has joined #automotive14:47
paulsher1oodgunnarx is proposing to show a demo of CIAT using gocd14:48
paulsher1oodfor interested parties (via the webex)14:48
gunnarxIt's a tool I've fallen in love with :)14:48
* paulsher1ood proposes to close the TT meeting14:48
paulsher1ood== TT Meeting Ends ==14:49
paulsher1oodgunnarx will demonstrate CIAT pipelines using at if folks are interested14:49
jeremiahgo cd +114:49
paulsher1oodjeremiah: :)14:49
fredcadeteomg a CI with pipelines14:50
paulsher1oodfredcadete: yup :)14:50
jeremiahUgh. Webex is not free software!!!14:51
* jeremiah has to scurry to his proprietary^W^W^WAndroid Linux machine14:51
paulsher1oodjeremiah: neither is Jira, or Confluence14:52
jeremiahAt least I can use them with GNU/Linux14:53
jeremiahThough I don't think we should use them either.\14:53
fredcadetejeremiah: webex doesn't work from Linux?14:54
fredcadetewhich browser?14:54
jeremiahfredcadete: Chrome on Debian14:54
jeremiahfredcadete: I don't install Oracle linux.14:54
jeremiahOr rather chromium on Debian14:55
fredcadeteit needs java14:56
fredcadeteI am using it from Linux with Firefox and Java14:57
fredcadetedon't tell the attackers14:57
jeremiahfredcadete: Which Java are you using? OpenJDK?15:03
c0dd3r5jeremiah: I can make webex work here if I install the i386 libs - did you do that already?15:12
c0dd3r5sudo apt install libpangoxft-1.0-0:i386 libxv1:i386 libpangox-1.0-0:i38615:13
c0dd3r5if that helps15:13
c0dd3r5can't share my screen though15:13
c0dd3r5 <- that's the better link15:14
*** gmacario1 has joined #automotive15:19
*** gmacario has quit IRC15:20
gunnarxfredcadete: is a tool to really grow into, more than jenkins in fact.  The pipelines can really be arbitrarily complex.15:28
paulsher1oodgunnarx: you make it sound like complexity is a good thing :)15:29
gunnarx:)  You know what I mean15:29
paulsher1oodi do15:29
gunnarxI'd like to use same/similar tool as AGL but is appropriate for what we (AGL,GENIVI) need to do IMHO - it's more than build in the long run -- deploy and test on different embedded hardwares15:29
paulsher1oodiiuc agl understands that, just wanted something up-and-running fast.15:29
paulsher1oodthe current jenkins implementation is seen as a short-term thing15:30
gunnarxyes I got that15:30
gunnarxPositive feedback now, so not unlikely GENIVI want to try this out.  I hope we can continue the discussion on if we can build a infrastructure benefiting all of automotive15:32
gunnarxA key point to make that a reality is the ability for multiple people/companies/whoever to define their own build jobs on it15:32
*** Tarnyko has joined #automotive15:33
gunnarxAGL/GENIVI really only need to build each software once after all.15:33
gunnarxBut it is an area that doesn't cost *that* much if duplicated, not like duplicating engineering effort!15:34
*** ulfwiger has quit IRC15:35
jeremiahc0dd3r5: Thanks, I'll check out those links15:39
*** kooltux` has quit IRC15:42
*** kooltux__ has quit IRC15:42
fredcadetenot having clear pipelines is Jenkins's biggest gap for me15:43
fredcadeteas an user of Jenkins15:43
gunnarxfredcadete - I agree.  I haven't found any other OSS project using Go(?) even though it is Apache licensed.  Maybe the open source licensing is quite new.15:45
gunnarxMaybe they just haven't seen how great it is yet :)15:45
*** KlausUhl has quit IRC15:45
*** kooltux__ has joined #automotive15:45
jeremiahUsing Go? Or Go CD?15:46
gunnarxGo CD15:46
jeremiahIts a bit confusing because I think of it as "golang" but I guess it has nothing to do with that.15:46
*** kooltux` has joined #automotive15:46
gunnarxI think they pretty much changed to the name GoCD because Google destroyed their previous name :)15:47
gunnarxIt's written in Java.  Not everyone's fav language but enough developers to keep it very robust...  You need only openjdk as dependency15:48
gunnarxJenkins is also in Java right?15:48
jeremiahYes (from what I know)15:48
jeremiahI can't imagine Java being a problem because they seem to be compatible with OpenJDK15:49
jeremiahAnd those who complain about Java are probably just whiners and perl users. :P15:49 devs seem really serious about robustness and quality I have found15:49
*** gmacario1 has left #automotive15:49
gunnarxsometimes embodied in the same person ;)15:50
* jeremiah goes back to his oneliners.15:50
fredcadeteyes jenkins is Java15:51
rjekIs in go?15:51
fredcadeteI complain about Jenkins when I have to look at a plugin's source, but I am a whiner15:51
gunnarxrjek:  see above15:51
* rjek has significant dislike for things in go atm given so many go products' build systems essentially git glone from github at build time15:51
gunnarxfredcadete: I suspect the same for plugins I'm afraid.  Haven't looked at their API though.  There's a capable HTTP API so you might build extensions that way unless you need something new.15:52
fredcadetenvm, it'll be about the same whining with HTTP API's15:53
gunnarxthen I can't help you :)15:53
* CTtpollard has some form of gdp running on raspi216:02
* fredcadete applauses16:04
*** ToxicGumbo-work has joined #automotive16:07
Tarnykowaltminer: still around ?16:08
*** jlrmagnus has joined #automotive16:11
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*** Sisco has joined #automotive16:12
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CTtpollardseem to be having a problem with the drm backend however16:17
CTtpollardso stuck with a blank screen16:17
pedroalvarezI was debugging that board and found:
*** ulfwiger has joined #automotive16:19
*** Sisco has quit IRC16:20
fredcadetedoesn't the raspberry pi have its own weston backend?16:20
fredcadeteor was that only for rpi 1?16:21
*** Sisco has joined #automotive16:21
pedroalvarezoh, do you  mean the rpi-backend? I can't see it in the system16:22
leon-anaviTarnyko I backported your commit in meta-agl to the distro that I am using. Now rygel, lightmediascannerd and LMS plugin for rygel are working. Not sure if they are working fine but at least they are not crashing :)16:22
fredcadetedisclaimer: I haven't tried weston on rpi, I am just opinionating16:23
pedroalvarezCTtpollard: I think what you are missing is enabling "vc4" when building mesa16:23
Tarnykoleon-anavi: nice, congrats :) ! Sounds like we'll soon have nice demo apps coming  ;)16:24
pedroalvarezfredcadete: you are right, I tried to use that backend when building GDP for raspberrypi using Baserock, but I finally managed to do it with the drm-backend16:24
fredcadetepedroalvarez: great, if it can work with the normal drm backend then that should be better16:25
pedroalvarezit is, only problem is that kernel patches are not merged upstream yet16:26
pedroalvarez*patches to make drm backend work16:26
CTtpollardpedroalvarez: I'll try and look through the conf & recipes in the meta-raspi layer and local.conf16:26
*** Sisco has quit IRC16:27
leon-anaviTarnyko we already have a few demo apps working: Homescreen, Browser and Google Maps. Eventually, the Media Manager might be working too :)16:27
pedroalvarezCTtpollard: I can point you to how we build "mesa" in Baserock if you wish :)16:27
*** Sisco has joined #automotive16:28
* Tarnyko would really like to see the Google Maps thing running16:28
*** waltminer has quit IRC16:29
leon-anaviTarnyko Google Maps demo is quite static although it is nice (for a demo app)16:29
CTtpollardnot vim16:29
Tarnykoleon-anavi: hehe ok, otherwise you'd depend on geolocation capabilities of your platform and that's a bit harsh for a first run16:30
jlrmagnusgunnarx, Are you there?16:31
leon-anaviTarnyko well... in my opinion all these HTML5 applications from AGL app suite are just for basic demonstration ;)16:31
TarnykoAGL spec states that we should have GPS by the way, so we'll likely have gpsd here some day16:31
*** fredcadete has quit IRC16:31
Tarnykoleon-anavi Tizen IVI html5 apps, among others, were all in this style ;) this isn't so bad for demonstration purposes, as long as it has some eye-candy16:33
leon-anaviTarnyko these apps seem better than Modello apps :)16:34
Tarnykoleon-anavi ok :) I guess that because you are mentioning browser and HTML5 a lot, the "web engine on AGL" topic needs to be adressed soon, at least before your  deadline16:36
Tarnykoleon-anavi I'll be looking at that, just that I'll be flying abroat from next Wesdesndey to next Monday, and thus will be quite busy for a few days16:37
leon-anaviTarnyko right... actually because of this I am using Tizen on Yocto. I have been working on this for a while and by the time I started it seem the best option to get things working.16:37
leon-anaviTarnyko Is there any other open source app suite apart from Modello and AGL (the one that I am using) which might be useful for the same purposes? May be something with Qt/QML?16:38
Tarnykoleon-anavi yes, you are relying on crosswalk because of its custom APIs, crosswalk which unfortunately does not work on AGL images yet ; this will need to be adressed for anybody working on demo apps16:39
leon-anaviTarnyko yes, exactly :) I think you understand my pain very well :)16:39
Tarnykoleon-anavi Qt5/WebEngine works well on AGL, is based on Blink's Chromium since version 5.5, and I was even able to get some of the Modello apps to work partially (see
leon-anavinice, I will have a look16:40
Tarnykoleon-anavi little problem, it doesn't all the custom APIs you are looking for (I had to disable all "tizen.*" calls to make it work). Although it can be extended, but we need to check such details with the Qt folks16:42
Tarnyko*doesn't have16:42
leon-anaviTarnyko I was sure that it doesn't have these APIs :) but it is still a good start16:43
leon-anaviactually it is not just about the APIs because these API communicate with the underlaying platform components16:43
Tarnykoleon-anavi you are implying that* communicates with Ofono e.g., correct ?16:44
leon-anaviTarnyko yes, because ofono is used in both Tizen:Common and Tizen IVI16:44
*** Sisco has quit IRC16:45
Tarnykoleon-anavi Ofono is a nice piece of software, and literally the only good FOSS choice for a telephony server ; hency why we have it in AGL since recently (
leon-anaviTarnyko if you are interested here is how you can pair over Bluetooth a dev board with Tizen (built using Yocto) to a smartphone and make a phone call using ofono
*** Sisco has joined #automotive16:46
Tarnykoleon-anavi Thanks for the pointer ! keeping this16:46
leon-anaviTarnyko I did this demo with bluez5 and ofono a month or two ago. I have tested it on several devices (Intel NUC, rpi2, and i.MX6 devices)16:47
Tarnykoho, but it is fully Yocto-compliant, and looks simple too16:48
Tarnykoan AGL API equivalent to "*" would likely do such steps behind the scenes, called from your HTML5 app and interpreted by the web engine16:49
Tarnykopersonally, my target for AGL is to fill all the "holes" where there is no underlying software for such a purpose (documented by the AGL spec, and thus likely needed by applications) ; only the web engine topic itself needs a bit of coordination16:50
Tarnykoleon-anavi Have to go, see you tomorrow, don't hesitate to ping me :)16:51
leon-anavisee you :)16:52
*** Tarnyko is now known as Tarnyko_away16:52
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*** Sisco has joined #automotive16:56
* CTtpollard rebuilds mesa and rootfs17:14
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