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gitlab-br-botpalvarez89 opened (was WIP) MR !62 (pedro/terraform->master: Infrastructure migration. New datacentre, Terraform, and Ubuntu) on infrastructure
benbrownironfoot: That's one hell of an MR15:48
ironfootonly a quick look the terraform, if there's something interesting for me to learn :)15:51
ironfootonly asking for a quick look to the terraform*15:52
ironfootbenbrown: I'm happy to be the only one responsible of these changes, they have been deployed and all already15:53
benbrownfrom a glance it looks good16:02
benbrownthough I'd be tempted to use an s3 backend or similar for the state16:02
benbrownIn git is nice and easy, but I think historically you could end up leaking secrets16:05
benbrownNot that I see any way in which you're using it now where that might happen16:05
ironfootI believe gitlab supports storing the state, so maybe that?16:11
ironfootI use terraform cloud on another project, it's nice, but another account somewhere else... Meh16:11
ironfootThere's also the swift backend, in openstack16:15

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