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jerenkrantzHi!  I was trying to pick up a Baserock build and it looks like might be down?  (I'm getting a 503.)  It's not urgent and I haven't seen a lot of traffic on the lists recently, so figured I'd try here first!04:16
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ironfootHi jerenkrantz!08:57
ironfootIndeed, the project has been quiet for a few years now. Given was mainly hosting the artifact cache, it was switched off.08:57
ironfootI just realised our definitions pick some base layers from it, so switched it on again. Will need to think about migrating those before we can switch off again08:58
ironfootjerenkrantz: Just to give you some context. When BuildStream ( started to be a thing, we migrated our definitions to use that build tool, but many things in BuildStream changed since, and our definitions haven't been maintained.11:12
ironfootAll the fun is now happening in freedesktop-sdk. They maintain a base Flatpak runtime, that includes many software elements including, that can be easily consumed from another BuildStream project. They include some example bootable VMs, mentioned here:
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jerenkrantzironfoot: Thanks!  Yah, if there's another place to pick up the stage2 builds, that could be good.  Or, think about how a user could selfhost.  (I was trying to update to build a small arm64 distro...which I'm not sure freedesktop-sdk is really intended for.)14:59
jerenkrantzAnyhow, my bst build is cranking away now!15:05
ironfootYeah, I know what you mean, but i know some projects have based their work on freedesktop sdk targeting arm boards.15:06
ironfootNot very small systems though15:06
jerenkrantzI was hoping to get an arm64 BE KVM guest running on one of my ARM boards...could be a fun Christmas experiment.  =)15:07
ironfootNote that the migration to bst left some things a bit broken, and deployments may not work as they used to15:07
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