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* persia is motivated to look at git.baserock.org16:31
persiaAm I correct that is running gitano, which implies we can dig out the full history of what happened, including force-pushes?16:32
* persia is hoping to find a branch that is no longer published16:32
benbrown_I don't believe force pushed are tracked, but the config for a lot of the mirrors is to disallow force pushes on master branches16:34
benbrown_Branches aren't pruned either, AFAIA16:35
persiaBut I should be able to pull a magic repo and find the history of branch creation/deletion?16:35
persiaOr does "branches aren't pruned" suggest that there is no such thing as branch deletion in the context of that server?16:35
benbrown_Not as I understood gitano, might be one for #gitano16:36
benbrown_But yes, lorry-controller won't delete branches that may no longer exist in the upstream repository16:37
persiaI was thinking of local stuff, rather than lorried stuff, but yeah, that was my understanding of the gitano config.  Thanks for the confirmation.16:39
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benbrown_I think that all depends on the rules you set up.16:40
benbrown_Rules are also different based on whether it's a mirrored repo (i.e. in delta/), or a baserock specific repo (though I believe most, if not all of these are mirrored from GitLab at this point)16:41
benbrown_For things in delta/, I believe you may only modify (including remove) branches that use your username as the prefix, or the trovehost as the prefix16:43
lchlan_Hi, I'm doing some work on benchmarking the Buildstream project and it seems that the baserock project that is used as a test subject is no longer compatible with recent changes in buildstream. The situation is a bit more complicated for me since the test used a branch made some time back, but I think that the project is still broken in current master. - The project is baserock/definitions.16:45
persiaOh, if things are mirrored from gitlab, I wonder if maybe the branch was garbage-collected before it was lorried.16:49
* benbrown_ wonders which branch and in which repo you are looking for16:51
lchlan_benbrown_: I think it's no longer a case of the branch - I found the commit ref. for the merge which I think is correct. The problem is now that the project.conf is not compatible with buildstream changes17:04
ironfootyeah, baserock/definitions is not maintained these days17:06
lchlan_It might only require a sanitization of architecture references17:08
ironfootpatches welcome :)17:09
* lchlan_ sets about things17:09
ironfootI wonder how badly the CI is atm17:11
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