IRC logs for #baserock for Thursday, 2018-11-22

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ironfootSotK: I'd say that not maintained at all09:44
ironfootnot being used, and not getting updates09:44
ironfootplus deployments are a bit broken since we moved to buildstream09:44
ironfootmeaning that I don't think there are easy ways do deploy images etc09:45
SotK:( that was the impression I got from looking at the repo09:55
ironfootall the fun is happening nowadays in freedesktop-sdk10:00
ironfootA wise move would be to use their sdk as the base for all our systems10:00
SotKyeah I decided to use that for the thing I was looking at using definitions for yesterday, but I'm sad that it means depending on tarballs and git repos from various places across the internet10:04
SotKrather than a reliable mirror that I trust not to disappear10:04
ironfootoh, indeed...10:20
ironfootif only we could convince fdsk to use g.b.o10:20
ironfootbut if they prefer to use tarballs, then we can't help10:21
ironfootalso, sources that are only released as tarballs would break the `bst track` strory for them if thew were on g.b.o10:22
ironfootoh, maybe not, maybe that isnt' supported either in bst10:22
ironfootanyway, could be done, but requires collaboration, and probably rethinking g.b.o10:23
ironfootI don't think definitions will be maintained anymore now that fdsdk exists and is that active10:23
SotKI don't really know how track works with tarballs (if at all) yet, I'm still early in my experimentation10:23
SotKfsdk using g.b.o or some other "trove" would be ideal10:24
SotKfrom my perspective anyway10:24
* SotK will maybe poke in their channel about it later10:24
ironfoothehe, couldn't be more broken10:56
gitlab-br-botpalvarez89 opened MR !39 (pedro/ssl-nov-18->master: SSL: Update LetsEncrypt certs November 2018) on infrastructure
gitlab-br-botbenjamb approved MR !39 (pedro/ssl-nov-18->master: SSL: Update LetsEncrypt certs November 2018) on infrastructure
gitlab-br-botpalvarez89 merged MR !39 (pedro/ssl-nov-18->master: SSL: Update LetsEncrypt certs November 2018) on infrastructure
edcraggreincarnate morph!11:59
ironfoothah, we would be able to do deployments if that was the case12:02
ironfoottbf, this is now in a "broken" state because nobody is using it. Otherwise it would be in a better shape12:02
edcraggi too was wondering about definitions the other day, though, could have been the best thing that came out of baserock ultimately12:03
edcraggmaybe not morph but something written in a real language12:03
ironfootpython is cool!12:04
* edcragg needs to try nix(os)12:19
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