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benbrown_Anyone know why the final binutils isn't build with sysroot support? Only during bootstrap are they built with it10:48
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ironfootI would try looking at the git-log11:19
benbrown_tried that11:19
benbrown_doesn't tell me quite what I want to know :)11:19
ironfootwhat is "sysroot" support here?11:25
ironfootI was looking at the --sysroot flag, and it looks needed for whenever doing the bootstrapping, but not needed when running stage 311:26
benbrown_I have a component that seems to expect the linker to have sysroot support11:31
benbrown_wasn't sure whether I should just change to component to not11:31
benbrown_or add support in binutils11:31
benbrown_with the hopes it wouldn't break anything else11:31
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