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noisecellany idea of why we have removed scripts/baserock-release-metadata ?14:23
noisecellit is mentioned in the README as a part of the process to create a "Bootstrap sysroots" :/14:23
noisecellin the CI pipeline we say we are building a sysroot building `gnu-toolchain/stage2.bst` but in the README we say we need to build "bootstrap/stage3-sysroot.bst" which actually is broken (at least when I tried to build armv8l64 in an x86_64 machine) :S14:28
noisecell <-- for reference14:29
* noisecell will have to stop trying things at this rate14:30
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gitlab-br-botdefinitions: issue #20 ("Artifact cache seems not to work for new pipelines and jobs") changed state ("opened")
noisecelljjardon, ^^16:39
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