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noisecelljjardon, the job and the pipeline got cancelled with your change I think.06:37
noisecelljjardon, thank you for look into that. I will check if that solve my issue in both use cases (unlimited fetchers and 1 fetcher)06:37
ironfootThanks for fixing it jjardon!08:19
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jjardonbtw, In my testing I noticed the pipeline fails but the jobs were trying to clone different repos, not only linux08:50
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ironfootjjardon: do you know if now that the cache is fixed, should be fetching linux again? (given that it was fetched in a previous job in the same pipeline)09:17
jjardonironfoot: mmm, it should not actually, but the cache in gitlab is not garantee to always exist, at least last time I check the logs10:09
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jjardonmaybe of intesrest here:

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