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noisecelljjardon, do you know what could be happening: ?08:53
jjardonnoisecell: did you check the logs?08:54
noisecelljjardon, yeah, but it is giving me: "Job's log exceeded limit of 4194304 bytes."08:54
jjardonoh, seems logs are not being stored08:54
jjardonyeah, there is a limit of the amount of logs you can show there08:54
jjardon4MB is currenttly that limit08:55
jjardonnoisecell: maybe you can try the build again so no so many logs are being generated?08:55
jjardonas everything should be cached?08:55
noisecelljjardon, ok, although I have tried at least 2 times and Im running the pipeline manually because if I run all the "Build-2" jobs all the builds fail retrieving repositories :/08:56
* noisecell presses the button08:57
jjardon1noisecell: so the build artifact are not being cached?08:57
noisecelljjardon, -- this is the pipeline (well you can see so far that all the jobs are green)08:57
noisecelljjardon, not sure if intermediate artifacts are cached, I will check in my next build08:58
jjardonnoisecell:  Are you building exactly the same 2 time and the second time you need to build everything again?08:58
noisecellI think there is a patch in mainline to cache artifacts even if the final build fails08:58
noisecelljjardon, Im pressing the "Retry" button, yes08:59
jjardonnoisecell: ybd should be filled up when something is build, doesnt matter if the final job fails or not08:59
jjardonnoisecell: can you file a bug report, please?09:00
jjardonnoisecell: let me increase the maximum amount of logs for now09:00
noisecelljjardon, is this ybd or buildstream?09:00
noisecelljjardon, cheers09:00
jjardonoh sorry09:00
jjardonthis is buildstream XD09:00
jjardonbut I think it works in the same way; not sure though09:01
jjardonnoisecell: limit increased to 16MB, hope is enough!09:04
noisecelljjardon, cheers, Im going to launch 2 or 3 jobs and see what is going on09:04
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noisecelljjardon, how do you feel to move out of foundation btrfs-progs.bst and tbdiff.bst ? is this required for any project?10:52
* noisecell thinks we are not using btrfs nowadays as filesystem in any image, and it could be added in another element if required, but not as foundation10:53
noisecellthis was a hard requirement for morph/baserock deployments but not sure if that is still true for ybd or buildstream10:54
noisecellironfoot, ^^10:54
jjardonnoisecell: I do not mind, open a MR if you want10:57
jjardonybd doesnt support bst format anyway10:57
* paulsherwood wonders if it should10:58
ironfoottbdiff was needed for upgrades, btrfs too10:59
ironfootif we want to re-implement that, we should keep it10:59
ironfootbut IMO, using ostree to implement this would be easier, now that we have it10:59
noisecellironfoot, wasn't tbdiff hardlinked to btrfs?10:59
ironfootnoisecell: I can't remember, not sure if it assumes some volumes already mounted somewhere, being not btrfs dependant11:00
noisecellok, I will check it11:00
ironfootI don't mind removing it at all, seriously, upgrades need to be rethought11:01
noisecellas I can see definitions is still using some stacks which Im not sure are longer fine11:02
noisecellgiven that we can use elements, we might want to reconfigure these stacks/old strata in something else11:02
noisecelland add runtime/build dependencies11:02
* noisecell is not happy that changing a link in systemd makes openstack to build almost fully :/11:03
ironfootbst has some features to avoid that during development11:04
ironfootin reality, i don't know if changing systemd could trigger failures when building any of the components of openstack11:04
noisecellironfoot, surely not this one, it is a symlink on installation, as liking /sbin/init to lib/systemd/systemd11:05
ironfootbut i feel like some of the elements will depend on systemd being installed11:05
noisecellyes, but at runtime, not buildtime possibly?11:05
noisecellironfoot, ^^11:06
ironfooti might be wrong, but most of the software that installs services check for the version of systemd at build time11:07
* noisecell doesn't recall that dependency, but it was long time ago11:08
ironfootI might be mixing up my memory with genivi elements11:09
ironfootand we could try to remove the dependency and see what happens11:10
noisecellironfoot, yeah, I would like to have an image that boots and then I will like to make it as small as I can. Probably, reducing the stratas/actual stacks to maybe use only a list of elements11:11
* noisecell is trying to make openstack one-node image come back from the graveyard11:12
ironfootdeRIP :D11:13
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* noisecell makes openstack image to boot ... without any openstack and services files13:09
* noisecell notes that any image that uses systemd for booting will be broken until I submit this branch for review13:09
noisecelland to submit this branch I need to fix some other oddities that happens when replacing STAGE2_SYSROOT to "/"13:10
ironfootsounds like definitions is a bit more broken than what we thought13:47
jjardon1It's what happen with nobody is actually maintaining the stuff :(13:49
ironfootwe need someone to buy us some "beers"13:50
gitlab-br-botinfrastructure: merge request (pedro/update-certs-jun-2018->master: SSL: Update LetsEncrypt certs Jun 2018) #27 changed state ("opened"):
ironfootLet's Ecrypt gave me a 1 day warning :/14:29
* noisecell doesn't have permissions to merge14:32
gitlab-br-botinfrastructure: merge request (pedro/update-certs-jun-2018->master: SSL: Update LetsEncrypt certs Jun 2018) #27 changed state ("opened"):
gitlab-br-botinfrastructure: merge request (pedro/update-certs-jun-2018->master: SSL: Update LetsEncrypt certs Jun 2018) #27 changed state ("merged"):
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