IRC logs for #baserock for Tuesday, 2018-06-05

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noisecelljjardon, 1.0.1 without cache ;-) --
noisecellIm going to see if gitlab allows me to push bst 1.1.3 with some changes09:44
jjardonnoisecell: I'd say there is a bug in bst the cache key calculation then09:45
noisecellpossibly, but bst cache key calculation is going to be replaced soon-ish09:45
jjardonnoisecell:  is it?09:51
jjardonnoisecell: buildstream devs are working in another cache server implementation but I guess they still have to have some kind of cache key calculation? Or I'm missing something here?09:52
noisecelljjardon, I would expect that the whole thing change, not only the cache server09:54
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