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jmac_ctSomeone told me that Baserock/Morph can switch between finding changed files using checksums, or finding them using mtime - is that true?14:42
paulsher1oodif this is morph-specific i can't comment14:55
paulsher1oodi know that ybd only uses checksums (git trees)14:56
paulsher1ood(and forces all mtimes to a specific magic number)14:56
paulsher1oodjonathanmaw: ^^ ?14:58
benbrown_I can't see anything like that from a quick grep of morph (besides normalising for artefacts and updating to prevent gc)14:58
jonathanmawit's not something I've ever heard of14:59
jmac_ctOK, and which method did morph use?14:59
jmac_ctThe choice between them was being discussed in BuildStream recently and I wanted to check if we'd weighed up the options before15:00
paulsher1oodjmac_ct: the only use-case ybd cares about is changes to inputs... and its inputs are git repos. i think morph was/is the same15:00
paulsher1ood(ie the only cache-keys that matter to ybd and/or to morph are based on the inputs...)15:01
benbrown_jmac_ct: This docstring looks semi-relevant:
jmac_ctChanging mtimes for reproducibility is a different issue15:03
paulsher1oodbenbrown_: no, i think that's just for ensuring builds are not using inputs with random timestamps15:03
jmac_ctMaybe there just isn't any need to determine which files changed after a build in morph/ybd and I've been misinformed15:04
paulsher1oodjmac_ct: you mean input files? i think that's truw15:05
jmac_ctNo, I mean the set of files affected by a build15:05
jmac_ctadded, removed or modified15:05
paulsher1oodybd doesn't keep anything between builds15:07
paulsher1oodexcept the artifact of the build, obviously15:07
benbrown_paulsher1ood: Right, but it at least shows that morph wasn't using mtime for finding changed files15:08
SotKmorph is the same iirc, the only created/updated files are cache files15:08
jmac_ctOK, looks like I was misinformed then. Thanks for your help.15:11
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