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ltuI have a vague memory of someone telling me about a baserock conference that was held at one point17:23
ltuor that baserock was very closely associated with a particular conference at one point?17:24
ltuI'm interested in finding conferences focused on or related to build tools, anyway17:25
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ironfootWe had a meetup once to discuss where to go, with the developers and people interested in the project18:23
ironfootI don't think there is such a thing as a conference focused on (multiple) build systems18:29
ironfootThere is for example the BazelCon18:30
ironfootHere some conferences that are or were relevant for us:18:31
ironfootAnd here some notes of the meetup:
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ironfootLol, gitlab notified me about its new 3h timeout because "some of your projects are using Shared Runners and are specifying a bigger timeout than we plan to enforce:20:44
ironfootNot sure if this is oír timeout or the maximum time we have used it for a run20:45

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