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ironfootit would be cool to add support to this script for .bst files:
noisecellironfoot, maybe people in GIMPNet #buildstream would be interested to port it? -- as a first glance it is using stratums, chunks, clusters, which not sure if bst is using that terminology anymore09:21
ironfootnot sure they will be interested, tbh09:21
ironfootthis is for cgit instances09:22
ironfootis the script that makes these hyperlinks to appear:
noisecellironfoot, yeah, I know. In master these hyperlinks are not there anymore.09:24
ironfootyep, only supports .morph definitions format09:24
noisecellironfoot, weren't a transformation script from morph to bst?09:24
noisecellis it still around? with that script modifying the this one that you suggest might be easier09:25
ironfootyeh, still around, although it shouldn't be complicated to implement this without looking at it. The .bst format is simple09:26
ironfootda script:
ironfooti don't expect it to be very maintained nowadays09:27
noisecellironfoot, -- could give us an idea of what needs to be changed09:57
ironfootalthough I would add support for both, instead of changing it to only support .bst10:00
* noisecell nods10:01
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paulsherwoodam i right in thinking that the baserock definitions are all converted to bst now? in which case the text should reflect that?18:07
ironfootyes, that's correct18:08
ironfootalthough now that I read it, .configure and .write extensions weren't rewritten18:09
ironfoot(the text mentions that as a manual step)18:09
ironfootlooks like we migrated to BuildStream but now it's not being maintained18:10
paulsherwoodwhere 'it' is the converted definitions?18:11
ironfootyeah, the definitons.git project18:11
ironfootFor example, I don't think we have a replacement for deploying18:12
ironfootI may be wrong here, I haven't been really active lately18:13
paulsherwoodjjardon seems to be doing some things, though18:15
paulsherwoodjjardon: i see you have fingers in all the pies :)18:16
ironfootinterconnected pies, heh18:16
paulsherwoodjjardon: same question i asked in #freedesktop-sdk - can i create a bootable minimal linux system with go on it from the baserock definitions today?18:17
paulsherwood(going the bst route... i know i can do it with ybd)18:18
ironfootgo 1.4 can be built using gcc, so I think it could be easily bootstraped18:18
jjardonpaulsherwood: you should, yes; just need to add go18:18
jjardonpaulsherwood: what do you think we should add at  ?  If you open an issue I can take a look later18:19
paulsherwoodjjardon: i'll make some tweaks myself and offer a patch18:19
jjardonpaulsherwood: thats even better :)18:20
paulsherwood(am going to play with this today (pacific time)18:20
jjardonnote old definitions (before the migration) are in the "morphs" branch18:20
paulsherwoodjjardon: ack thanks18:20
paulsherwoodjjardon: does baserock have an equivalent of for the bst artifacts?18:21
jjardonIts still being converted every time CI runs, to check we are not breaking things in the convertion scripts18:21
paulsherwoodi saw that, it's a good idea :)18:21
ironfootyes, the cache is
ironfootnot easy to navigate as artifacts1.b.org18:21
paulsherwoodironfoot: ack, thanks18:22
ironfootpopulated by CI, should be populated, but i've never used it myself18:22
ironfootproject.conf has that url in, should just work18:23
* paulsherwood is trying it now :)18:23
paulsherwoodafaict, `bst build systems/minimal-system.bst` is building everythigng from scratch18:25
jjardon1what bst version do you have?18:27
paulsherwoodbst, version 1.1.2.dev4+g7fdddf318:28
gitlab-br-botdefinitions: merge request (jjardon/bst_1_1_2->master: .gitlab-ci.yml: Use buildstream 1.1.2) #77 changed state ("opened"):
paulsherwoodso bst version invalidates cache-keys?18:29
jjardon1paulsherwood: cache-key have changed in the developemtn version of bst18:29
jjardon1if you can review the above MR ^ :)18:29
paulsherwoodcan i make newer bst build with older cache-key algorithm?18:30
jjardon1paulsherwood: you probably can if you downgrade buildstream18:31
* paulsherwood notes that this is a regression vs ybd18:31
jjardon1AFAIK buildstream doesnt have a "format-version" variable you can define yet18:33
paulsherwoodpipeline failed18:34
jjardon1well there is a format-version: you can define in your project.conf18:34
jjardon1but thats only to indicate a minimum version18:35
jjardon1current master seems to build fine: so probably some change in buildstream makes the conversion script to fail18:39
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paulsherwoodeek... minimal-system build fail
ironfootHm, the chmod19:27
ironfootI don't remember the details, but it might go away if you run bst as root19:42

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