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* paulsher1ood wonders if the ybd artifacts server has been moved, or has just died12:04
ironfootI don't think I know where the server was hosted12:05
ssam2i don't think i ever touched artifacts1.baserock.org12:14
paulsher1oodare we still running any ybd ci ?12:39
jjardon1paulsher1ood: yes, in the ybd repo12:40
paulsher1oodah... still runing :)12:43
paulsher1oodstarted 16-09-1312:43
ironfoot* :)12:47
ironfoothm, the link to download an artifact doesn't work, i wonder if that is also a problem for ybd downloads12:48
paulsher1oodhmm.. that's new... it used to work :)12:53
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