IRC logs for #baserock for Thursday, 2018-02-01

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paulsherwood"It looks like the baserock build has recently migrated from morph to buildstream but the tutorials are a little outdated. Can anyone point me to where I might find any relevant info on getting baserock built using the buildstream tooling?09:38
ssam2i guess we never got around to updating the docs09:40
ssam2I mean, the short answer is: install buildstream, then do `bst build systems/minimal-system-image-x86_64.bst`09:40
ssam2or whatever09:41
ssam2I think the ARM support never got finished up and merged, although it was all working at one point09:41
paulsherwoodi used to make videos of hands on demos... are there any of those for buildstream yet?09:41
ssam2not that I know of09:41
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jjardon1paulsherwood: are you voluntering? :)09:56
paulsherwoodmaybe... will it work on my machine? :)09:57
ssam2there are various folk using BuildStream on OSX via Docker09:57
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