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radiofreewill someone be doing an import of to gcc-tarball?10:57
ironfootit should be simple to send a MR -
radiofreeok, thanks10:59
ironfootdefinitely a good release to have around11:00
benbrown_I seem to remember Sam hitting issues with the latest gcc tarballs11:03
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ironfootbenbrown_: the only problem tracked in gitlab is that the tar.bz2 wasn't there for that release11:05
benbrown_I think the issue is in the lorry project11:06
ironfootit now rings a bell11:06
benbrown_pretty sure he ended up pushing manually11:06
ironfootyes, I can see that from the trove UI11:07
ironfootbut no idea why11:07
ironfootwe have logs :)11:07
radiofreei can probably push it manually still?11:08
ironfootbenbrown_: here -
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gitlab-br-botlorries: merge request (james/gcc-7.3.0->master: Update to GCC 7.3.0 tarball) #30 changed state ("opened"):
gitlab-br-botlorries: merge request (james/gcc-7.3.0->master: Update to GCC 7.3.0 tarball) #30 changed state ("merged"):
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ironfootthis is.. werid:
benbrown_ironfoot: Aye, noticed that11:35
benbrown_permissions issue?11:35
ironfooti think sam investigated this and couldn't figure out why11:37
ironfootis seriously this line failing?     os.path.join(objectspath, relpath, filename))11:38
benbrown_yeah, but not the join call11:39
ironfootoh, true, os.link11:45
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ironfootso yes, this is still the issue:
* radiofree hits refresh on
radiofreeis the lorry not going to work?12:14
ironfootradiofree: nope :/12:21
ironfootthe error that sam explains in that email still happens12:21
* ironfoot creates
ironfootit's a bit sad that trove/lorry etc are unmaintained12:32
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Alexander_AEHi all. My name is Alexander and I am looking for help configuring a baserock morph file. Is this the right place to ask?13:45
ironfoothi Alexander_AE13:46
ironfootyes, here is the best place to ask :)13:46
Alexander_AEThis is basically how my morph file is set up: - What I want to do is having multiple rpms available in the one repo. Currently we are using one repo per package/rpm, but this is a little overhead I want to avoid.13:49
Alexander_AEThis is the error I am seeing:13:50
Alexander_AE0 18-01-25 00:29:44 [892/900/900] [trial] ERROR: glob pattern /*.rpm matches multiple paths13:50
ironfootbenbrown_: can you help here? I see you have been implementing some rpm related things in ybd13:52
radiofreeAlexander_AE: one minute, i think you can do something like....14:00
benbrown_Alexander_AE: Where you would add entries to packages in the rpm-metadata, you could use 'path' instead of the usual 'files' to specify the path to the rpm14:03
benbrown_aye, that14:04
Alexander_AEThat looks promising. Thanks for your help radiofree and benbrown_14:05
Alexander_AEAnd thanks ironfoot for mediation14:05
ironfootheh, no problem14:05
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