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ironfootso, we have received a request the "baserock" gitlab group10:51
ironfootwe don't have processes in place for this right now, but given that we haven't received any communication, I guess we should ignore it10:52
paulsherwoodironfoot: i believe i know who that is10:53
* paulsherwood will check10:53
ironfootthanks! let me know10:54
gitlab-br-botinfrastructure: issue #9 ("Update SSL certs Jan 2018") changed state ("opened")
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gitlab-br-botinfrastructure: issue #8 ("Need to upgrade the Ubuntu version installed in the manager runner") changed state ("closed")
gitlab-br-botinfrastructure: issue #10 ("Create deployment scripts for baserock manager runner") changed state ("opened")
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gitlab-br-botinfrastructure: merge request (pedro/ssl-certs-jan-2018->master: Pedro/ssl certs jan 2018) #22 changed state ("opened"):
ironfootI'm happy to wait for ssam2 for that one ^14:08
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