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* ssam2 finally achieves an initramfs.bst of 16MB uncompressed13:20
ssam2still not perfect, but the original one was about 700MB so this is quite an improvement :-)13:20
ssam2i think the next big win would be removing libstdc++, but that's kinda tricky13:21
ssam2we might have to introduce a 'runtime-c++' domain, and then exclude that from the initramfs because we know there are no c++ programs in it13:22
ssam2this actually starts to make quite a bit of sense though13:24
ssam2we could have runtime-c, devel-c; runtime-c++, devel-c++; runtime-fortran, devel-fortran, runtime-python, devel-python; etc.13:25
gtristanit's fairly typical also, to build libstdc++ separately; it makes sense in bootstrapping builds13:25
ssam2ah true, i guess busybox could just not depend on libstdc++13:25
ssam2and if we can also build gfortran separately, that would solve the fortran issue13:25
ssam2just depends on whether gcc's build system makes that workable or not13:26
ssam2i think we'd still have to build libstdc++ as part of any gcc build though since gcc is written in c++13:26
gtristanI wouldnt trust gcc's build system that much13:26
gtristanbut building libstdc++ separately is a requirement and well known thing13:27
gtristan(I dont recall if *we're* doing it, but aboriginal was and I believe yocto does too)13:27
ssam2we do it in stage2, but not in stage313:27
ssam2we have to do it in stage2 due to gcc's circular dependency on it13:28
ssam2but in stage3 we're doing a normal native build on top of stage2, so we don't have any need to build it separately13:28
gtristanI see, right stage3 is not technically necessary but rather an assurance, build native from native13:28
ssam2I think it is necessary, as the stage2 gcc is rather stripped down13:28
gtristansplit rules might make more sense13:28
ssam2i think we're often going to find situations where we have to pick between the build/runtime dependencies model and split-rules13:29
ssam2both exist to avoid stuff going into the final system when we don't want it to13:29
gtristanssam2, you are by now the one with most straps in his boots, I'll take your word for it :D13:29
gtristanmaybe that simplifies the build (not building everything in canadian-cross, and then building everything with native build)13:30
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gitlab-br-botdefinitions: merge request (sam/base.bst-comment->master: gnu-toolchain: Fix comment in base.bst) #66 changed state ("opened"):
gitlab-br-botdefinitions: merge request (sam/update-e2fsprogs->master: core: Update e2fsprogs to latest (1.43.7)) #67 changed state ("opened"):
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