IRC logs for #baserock for Tuesday, 2017-10-31

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ssam2hooray! another step forwards10:06
ssam2removing the .la files from the base sysroot was needed to make cross-compilation work, for some stupid libtool reason10:06
ssam2but now we can bootstrap baserock from baserock using buildstream10:06
gitlab-br-botdefinitions: merge request (sam/bootstrap-from-baserock-binaries->master: BuildStream builds should bootstrap from Baserock binaries, not the Freedesktop SDK) #58 changed state ("opened"):
ssam2reviews of the above would be much appreciated10:40
ironfootwill try to review them today10:42
gtristanssam2, not that it's a big deal; but there might be something more elegant to do than integration commands here:
gtristanmaybe I'm wrong, but I think you could define a split-rules domain explicitly for that and exclude it off the bat10:45
gtristanssam2, I dont think thats a problem with the patch fwiw, only mentioning it for reference :)10:46
ssam2yeah, i wondered about a separate 'libtool-garbage` split domain. but i'd rather kill the .la files with fire :-)10:48
ssam2currently they're explicitly in the 'devel'  domain, which might make sense in some cases10:48
gtristanssam2, note that split rules *can* be defined on a per-element basis10:50
gtristanAnd also, split rules are totally allowed to overlap10:50
gtristanwhat happens with them, depends on how they are employed (usually in a compose element)10:51
ssam2ok, cool10:51
ssam2yeah, putting gcc's .la files in a devel-libtool domain might make sense10:51
gtristanI'm not trying to be picky, just highlighting what's possible :)10:55
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* ssam2 bravely trying to remove the absolute horror that is the STAGE2_SYSROOT hacks in the gnu-toolchain bootstrap16:37
ssam2we don't need it with buildstream, because the bootstrap is in a fixed sandbox rather than in a tmpdir that moves around for each new build16:38
ssam2however, the old way does work ... i may yet give up and leave it be :-)16:39
ssam2`sed -e "s@[gMS]\?crt[1in].o%s@%:getenv(STAGE2_SYSROOT %{libdir}/&)@g"` there's a line of build instructions that nobody is gonna miss ...16:40
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