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* ssam2 still has hopes for the CI ...11:21
ssam2one issue now is that BuildStream seems to not be pushing artifacts to the cache11:22
ssam2the branch is protected, so it should be able to do that ...11:22
ssam2but e.g. in it didn't seem to push anything11:22
ssam2oh maybe it doesn't push import elements ? not sure11:23
paulsherwoodin other news, any idea why lorry-controller hasn't been updating repos for last few days at
ssam2oh, the service might need restarting after the migration11:25
ssam2getting: OperationalError: unable to open database file11:29
ssam2from the lorry-controller webapp11:29
ssam2ah, /home/lorry was owned by the wrong user11:30
ssam2now there's some host keys issue.. which is odd11:31
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* ssam2 thoroughly confused why ssh host keys would have changed given that we migrated the root disk ... maybe trove-setup regenerated them ?11:37
ssam2timestamps suggest that11:37
ironfootyeah, maybe11:38
ssam2some jobs seem to be succeeding now11:40
ssam2quite a few failing for various reasons, i've not been watching this much though so maybe that's normal11:40
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ssam2buildstream definitely doesn't want to push :-(11:40
ssam2maybe i broke ...11:41
ssam2no, the whole 'Checking connectivity to remote artifact cache' line just doesn't appear in the CI job11:44
ironfootthanks for fixing l-c ssam211:49
ironfootit looks like the new instance of g.b.o is performing way better than the previous one12:07
ironfoot1000+ lorries updated in 30 minutes12:08
paulsherwoodwow! :)12:18
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ssam2yeah it does seem super fast12:47
ssam2journalctl still leaves something to be desired of course12:47 had an old version of buildstream installed, maybe that was the problem13:12
ssam2ok, now actually works. Hopefully that's enough to fix CI13:22
ssam2although I got an exception when pushing locally, which I don't see in the CI13:22
* ssam2 has the genius idea of sshing into the runner while it's running to see why it won't push13:49
benbrown_ssam2: hah14:05
ssam2jjardon, seems to break caching of gits again14:16
ssam2this buildstream conversion job is cloning every git repo from :
ssam2and putting them all into /cache/ybd_base/gits14:17
ssam2which will be lost as soon as the job finishes14:17
ssam2oh, the `rm -rf "${YBD_base}"` line also doesn't help14:18
ssam2that should be disabled for the bst-convert job14:18
ssam2i'm still confused what the point of /cache is though14:18
ssam2oh wait, stuff does seem to be going into /build/baserock/definitions/cache/ybd_base after all14:39
* ssam2 continually confused by this set up14:39
benbrown_it's not the clearest15:00
benbrown_ssam2: /cache is for caching ybd artifacts between jobs on the same runner15:01
benbrown_unsure how much speed it ultimately saves, given those artifacts could be redownloaded from kbas15:02
ssam2i was being confused by the fact that temporary source downloads were in /cache/ybd_base/tmp15:07
ssam2but that's fine, the sources end up in /builds/baserock/definitions/cache/ybd_base eventually15:07
ssam2so hopefully is the last bst-convert job that will redownload all the gits15:08
benbrown_I think the last issue I ended up hitting was timeout when fetching the gits cache15:10
ssam2ah, that could have been due to the server migration if it was last thu/fri15:10
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benbrown_"FATAL: net/http: request canceled (Client.Timeout exceeded while reading body)"15:11
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benbrown_that's hosted on one of the digitalocean droplets afaia15:12
ssam2oh, nasty15:13
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ssam2benbrown_, aha, I see the same thing15:59
ssam2and think: wtf15:59
ssam2seems like a glitch within digitalocean, at first glance16:00
ssam2the machine still exists16:03
ssam2but the manager VM can't route to it16:03
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ssam2interestingly the machine isn't listed in `docker-machine ls`, despite existing16:04
ssam2and now i can ping the machine again16:06
ssam2i have no idea what this could be other than digitalocean screwing up networking...16:06
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ssam2benbrown_, weirdly the bst-convert job has now pulled a cache full of *buildstream* sources16:20
ssam2ah, it does have one YBD git repo there16:20
ssam2i guess the 'default' cache has a bunch of useless buildstream stuff in it16:21
ssam28.1GB of buildstream stuff16:22
ssam2but... having ssh'ed into the runner, I guess I could manually delete all that, and then if the job doesn't die from this timeout issue, we'll end up with the default cache having only YBD stuff in16:22
benbrown_I guess move all the bst gits into the ybd path if they don't exist, since they both using the same directory naming logic?16:26
ssam2argh, I already deleted them16:27
ssam2everything I do trying to fix the CI is wrong!!16:27
ssam2hmm, the .zip is still there though16:27
benbrown_It's fine, given that job *should* repopulate everything.16:28
* ssam2 breaks CI again by killing the wrong process16:40
ssam2i feel like Shrek16:40
jjardonssam2: Im going to upgrade the ci manager machine, give me a minute16:42
jjardonssam2: done16:44
jjardonlets see:
ssam2ok, i'll manually move the cached gits over from buildstream to ybd again16:46
* ssam2 now not going to touch *anything* else and let's hope this works16:49
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