IRC logs for #baserock for Friday, 2017-10-20

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ssam2all the infra will be down for a while today while we migrate to CityCloud11:07
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ssam2please report if you find anything not working11:25
ssam2it's also really fast now for some reason11:26
gitlab-br-botinfrastructure: merge request (sam/update-ca-certs->master: Update CA certs) #11 changed state ("opened"): should be back. We didn't copy the existing cached artifacts across though12:04
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ssam2welcome back bot15:08
tlatero/ gitlab-br-bot15:25
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ssam2ok, brlogger is actually no more16:17
ssam2 is back though16:18
ssam2one more to go ... paste.baserock.org16:19
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ssam2looks like is going to have to wait; it's a bit of a mess!17:03
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ssam2the gitlab bot isn't working, i'll try and fix that early next week17:19
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