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ssam2the 8 hour CI timeout is causing various troubles09:34
ssam2ideally we wouldn't have a ci pipeline that could ever take more than 8 hours .... i think pulling the freedesktop SDK all the time slows things down a lot09:34
ssam2so hopefully should improve matters09:35
gtristanssam2, in buildstream we use a cache for that, not the same here ?09:35
gtristanlike, gitlab has a cache directory thingy09:35
ssam2yeah, that's set up09:35
ssam2but it may not be working09:35
gtristanso it should not download, or at least; that doesnt really cause issue for us09:35
ssam2it definitely seems to fetch the SDK a lot09:36
ssam2so perhaps it's not working09:36
ssam2i need to work out how to debug that, though ...09:36
ssam2seems we are only using the cache for YBD09:37
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ssam2ok, i've pushed a change for .gitlab-ci.yml to master so it should share the buildstream cache09:44
ssam2i can't believe i was looking at all these slow builds and didn't check that! it such an obvious thing I assumed we must have done it already :-)09:44
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benbrown_kswapd0 is hogging cpu on g.b.o10:06
ssam2yeah, seems to be out of memory10:06
ssam2`top` just shows loads of git processes10:06
* benbrown_ nods10:06
ssam2seems like a couple of `git pack-objects` processes have been running for over an hour10:07
ssam2those can get pretty resource intensive10:07
ssam2it maybe an issue from the dozens of buildstream builds that have been running in CI and not caching their sources10:08
benbrown_Quite possibly :)10:10
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gitlab-br-botybd: merge request (benbrown/kbas-silence->master: kbas: fixup and silence tar/touch output) #391 changed state ("opened"):
gitlab-br-botybd: merge request (benbrown/kbas-silence->master: kbas: fixup and silence tar/touch output) #391 changed state ("opened"):
gitlab-br-botybd: merge request (benbrown/kbas-silence->master: kbas: fixup and silence tar/touch output) #391 changed state ("merged"):
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* benbrown_ eagerly awaits the completion of
ssam2heh yeah15:37
ssam2oh, nearly there15:37
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ssam2hah, except that it won't cache stuff outside the build directory15:58
ssam2seems the ybd source caching must have never worked either, since that is in the same place15:59
ssam2hmm, but i remember something about /cache being some kind of other cache16:00
benbrown_/cache is the runners "persistent" cache16:01
benbrown_our runners being ephemeral by nature16:01
ssam2but buildstream was already storing all its sources in there16:02
ssam2and clearly not getting them back ever16:02
ssam2this makes no sense to me16:03
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benbrown_Have things changed enough in either definitions/buildstream that nothing is cached? Hence why it's seemingly fetching and building *everything*16:03
ssam2not really16:09
ssam2it's been pulling the same version of freedesktop SDK since basically forever16:09
ssam2yet it pulls it every single time16:09
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