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gitlab-br-botybd: merge request (ps-kbas-cull->master: Add culling functionality to KBAS) #384 changed state ("opened"):
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gitlab-br-botybd: merge request (ps-kbas-cull->master: Add culling functionality to KBAS) #384 changed state ("opened"):
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ssam2jonathanmaw, the stuff is kinda fragile because...14:17
ssam2glibc decides what it's going to call the file14:17
ssam2gcc works out what its going to be called based on some hardcoded logic in gcc that duplicates the logic in glibc14:17
ssam2and then we faff with it as well in the build instructions14:17
ssam2here in particular:
ssam2that appeared to be working for me, but maybe something has changed somewhere14:20
jonathanmawssam2: ok, first red flag seems to be that there's no /lib64 in the sysroot14:22
ssam2seems bad14:22
jonathanmawno / at att :S14:23
ssam2i remember having to add something to fhs-dirs to create a /lib64 symlink matching the one we have for /lib14:23
ssam2maybe that got lost14:23
ssam2oh seems like it did14:24
jonathanmawssam2: ok, I'll give that a go14:26
ssam2i've just pushed a patch to sam/buildstream that should fix things14:26
ssam2found it in my `git reflog`14:26
jonathanmawssam2: ah, cool14:26
ssam2not really sure how it got dropped from the branch .. probably a careless rebase14:26
ssam2oh that will need extending to cover ppc64l and ppc64b14:27
jonathanmawssam2: does it take the same ARCH value in both cases?14:27
ssam2i made it use arch conditionals14:27
ssam2and no, the arch is different for LE and BE so there needs to be even more duplication14:28
jonathanmawssam2: ah, ok.14:28
ssam2we should probably move this into the create-fhs-dirs script in fhs-dirs.git instead, which would allows us to use a glob pattern for the architecture...14:28
persiaIn this context, "arch" is really proxy for "ABI", so things like x86 vs x32 x 86_64 are also different.  Better to have a big list than a composable field anyway.14:29
ssam2i guess14:30
ssam2it'd still be nice to avoid duplicating four identical lines for each 64-bit ABI, though14:30
persiaMaybe a big conditional to set states, and then processing stanzas for each state?14:31
persiaSome years ago I was involed in a project to create a new architecture that was x86 except without the CMOV instruction, for an example of the strange sorts of arhitectures people sometimes want.14:31
persiaThat aside, for architectures supporting multiple personalities (so needing /lib and /lib64), it ought be sensible to separate them.14:32
persia(as contrasted with native 64-bit architectures (e.g. Alpha), where there is no /lib64 because /lib is correct (as there is no non-64 option, ever).14:33
jonathanmawssam2: looking at linux-api-headers, ARCH should match one of the subdirs of "arch", and there's just "powerpc", no option for endianness14:47
ssam2I think linux-api-headers is fine14:48
ssam2the patch I pushed touches fhs-dirs and stage2-fhs-dirs14:48
ssam2but only handles armv8[lb]64 and x86_6414:48
ssam2i guess i misunderstood your question befoire14:48
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gitlab-br-botybd: merge request (ps-kbas-cull->master: Add culling functionality to KBAS) #384 changed state ("opened"):
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