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gitlab-br-botybd: issue #263 ("YBD fails if the artifacts ( YBD_artifacts) are in another volume") changed state ("opened")
jjardonhi! any idea if ^ is expected or is actually a bug in ybd?10:19
ironfoothm.. I think that's expected10:36
ironfootand I think a workaround would be to have the tmp folder in the same volume10:37
jjardonI can not have it in the same volume for my use case10:43
jjardonSeems the problem is that ybd use hard links when staging; any idea why is doing this? would be possible to use soft links instead? Or maybe ybd should check and move the artifact to another location if it detects they are in another volume?10:45
ssam2the point is to avoid copying huge artifacts around10:46
ssam2i guess the check could be removed, but then builds would be super slow if things weren't on the same volume10:47
jjardonthre is not check; ybd fails when trying to create the hard links10:47
ssam2ah right10:47
ssam2i've no idea whether we could use softlinks, i've never seen anything do that10:48
ssam2the fact that ostree has always just used hardlinks suggests to me that it's the only way10:48
ironfootybd unpacks the artifacts in the same folder as the compressed ones. If we make ybd unpack them in an special folder in tmp, (or whatever folder is used for staging) it will fix your issue10:52
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paulsherwoodjjardon: the hardlinks were copied from morph iirc14:07
paulsherwoodand i have a vague recollection that there was a problem with softlinks14:08
ironfootmorph used to put the unpacked artifacts in <tmpdir>/chunks14:11
ironfoot(avoiding this issue)14:12
paulsherwooddid that involve an extra step? i'm struggling to recall why i would have done anything different for this14:14
paulsherwoodjjardon: why does tmp have to be on a different volume for your usecase?14:16
jjardontmp no, the ybd artifacts folder14:16
jjardonthey are stored in a different volume14:17
paulsherwoodwhy can't tmp and artifacts be on the same volume?14:17
paulsherwood(eg move tmp to your artifacts volume?)14:18
jjardonyeah, let me try that14:18
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jjardonpaulsherwood: that worked, thanks!16:27
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ironfootHeh, I suggested the same thing :P17:20
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