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ssam2jjardon, benbrown_: on the baserock CI runners, where is the SSD mounted ?11:47
ssam2wondering if this out of disk space error I see is just because the buildstream cache is going into /root/.cache11:48
ssam2I see `volumes = ["/cache"]` in the /etc/gitlab-runner/config.toml, does that mean it's at /cache ?11:48
benbrown_ssam2: no, that's where a shared docker volume would be mounted11:53
ssam2right... so what location should I use for the BuildStream cache ?11:53
ssam2it seems like you have YBD using the default location, unless I'm missing something ?11:54
ssam2ah wait11:54
* ssam2 spots export XDG_CACHE_HOME=/cache11:54
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ssam2ok seems the buildstream issue was just using the wrong path for the cache12:47
ssam2 working now \o/12:47
gtristanssam2, \o/ !!!12:51
ssam2yeah! CI here we come!!12:52
gtristanoh man that's beautiful12:52
gtristanfinally I can see that in a CI window !12:52
gtristanssam2, so you think gitlab has support for ansi escape sequences even though it's not connected to terminal ?12:53
ssam2hmm, it does have some yellow text in there ...12:53
gtristanWe could have status and everything in there, some CIs do have that12:53
gtristanseems gitlab has a regression in the UI, I thought I could have it continuously scroll12:56
gtristanto the bottom of output12:57
ssam2it failed!12:57
ssam2but I think that's me breaking definitions12:57
ssam2no wait, wrong window :-)12:57
ssam2i think i did break definitions master though, probably need to update stage2-gcc to fix whatever regression upgrading gcc to 7.1 caused12:58
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jjardonssam2: mmm, Im pretty sure Ive changed the XDG_CACHE_HOME in my branch already; let me check19:25
jjardonyep, here It is:
jjardonssam2: and yeah, master of definitions is broken: would you time to fix it or should we revert for now?19:29
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