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benbrown_jjardon: Is having non-kbas builds run on master only too wild an idea? Bit frustrating atm having MR's blocked by pipelines suffering from timeouts when attempting to clone linux09:39
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jjardonbenbrown_: we broke non kbas build and nobody knew until some downstream project you maybe know find out; Id say we have to fix those timeouts instead10:08
jjardonor use another mirror temporarily10:09
benbrown_jjardon: I'm not saying get rid of it completely, I'm saying just on merge to master10:09
benbrown_that way, if it fails on master, we revert it10:09
benbrown_Fixing the timeouts would be much nicer though :)10:09
jjardonbenbrown_: ok, lets try that; we can always come back if we see that it doesn' work10:12
jjardonbenbrown_: does it look ok to you?
benbrown_jjardon: lgtm10:18
jjardonNow, do we know why the git clones are timing out? (we will have the same problem when we do the master builds) Is it always the same repo?10:18
benbrown_Most often it's the linux repo10:19
jjardonCan anyone check the trove logs to see if we discovered something there?10:49
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