IRC logs for #baserock for Wednesday, 2017-05-10

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paulsher1oodjonathanmaw: do you have some WIP rpm stuff you'd like to promote to mainline?08:25
jonathanmawpaulsher1ood: there's a couple of merge requests to tristan/rpm-export that haven't been merged yet. I need to check them before I can be sure they're suitable for merging yet, though.08:27
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jonathanmawpaulsher1ood: Can you look at please?09:16
jonathanmawThe problem is intermittent, iiuc, so the CI passing doesn't guarantee it fixes the problem :/09:18
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* paulsher1ood is trying... slow gitlab is slow11:13
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jonathanmawpaulsher1ood: can you press the button to merge ? It seems to be waiting on a button press to merge it.13:21
jjardonjonathanmaw: done13:28
jonathanmawthanks jjardon13:28
jjardonuh, seems there is a problem in gitlab: "GitLab: Failed to authorize your Git request: internal API unreachable"13:29
jjardonit worked now13:32
paulsher1ood - introducing fancy new dependency breaks ci? :)14:11
benbrown_paulsher1ood: there's no new dependency AFAICT, that looks like cherrypy that fails, which is a kbas dependency?14:17
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jjardonpaulsher1ood: would it be possible to do a ybd release before merging the rpm branch?16:08
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paulsher1oodmaybe tonight16:20
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