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gtristanjjardon, fwiw your error is because I had configured buildstream to explicitly bind mount only a hand full of devices and not the entire devpts, and it included /dev/console; I'll get back to you here when I have a fix for that, should be today09:01
ironfootnice, sounds like we will have a green pipeline using buildstream soon :D09:04
jjardongtristan cool, let me know if you want to test something09:05
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gtristanjjardon, unfortunately I mistakenly wiped my source cache :'(09:07
gtristaninstead of just the artifacts09:07
gtristanjjardon, So maybe it would be better to test something, is it possible to run a test using a not-master branch of buildstream ?09:08
gtristanjjardon, if I push a testable branch of buildstream, could you try it ?09:08
ironfoot`bst clean --artifacts`09:09
gtristanyeah ironfoot ... that's a difficult problem though :-/09:10
ironfootheh, one day..!09:10
jjardongtristan sure09:10
gtristanI mean of course, wipe everything is easy enough09:10
gtristanbut usually you want something like 'prune'09:11
jjardongtristan sure09:11
gtristanjjardon, ok gimme a minute... I can do a quick commit that might not be what I'll merge to master but will test building without trying /dev/console09:11
gtristanI think it's a safe bet we have at least /dev/null, /dev/full, /dev/urandom and /dev/zero on the build machine09:12
gtristanthat branch should at least not fail like this one did
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gtristanjjardon, fwiw my build is working without any /dev/console... I'm going to go ahead and change some things, might be a bit of churn10:04
* gtristan has been reconsidering configurability of what device nodes to expose in the sandbox10:04
paulsherwoodgtristan: ybd already has something like 'prune' but called 'cull'10:25
gtristanpaulsherwood, and it's exactly a difficult problem10:29
gtristanpaulsherwood, i.e. ybd does something with the age of the tarballs iirc10:30
paulsherwoodnot quite... time since last touched, iirc10:31
gtristanpaulsherwood, so you bump the mtime when an artifact is used ?10:32
gtristanthat's interesting10:32
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gtristanjjardon, at this time you can forget about the test branch, a new run with buildstream master should fix the issue10:38
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* gtristan clicks the "retry job" button10:41
gtristan ... I presume this will get the latest master and do it...10:41
jjardongtristan: correct10:43
* ironfoot microwaves some popcorn10:44
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jjardongtristan: seems it wen further, but failed to clone, lets try again11:13
benbrown_jjardon: is it not possible for this to be merged manually?
benbrown_jjardon: I can close in favour of, but we have to wait for that pipeline to complete11:19
gtristanah, no space left on device11:20
gtristanjjardon, did you press retry already ?11:20
gtristanI guess ?11:20
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ironfootgbo misbehaving?11:41
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ironfootor network where runners are12:00
ironfoot    fatal: write error: No space left on device12:01
ironfoot    fatal: index-pack failed12:01
ironfootjjardon: ^12:01
ironfootonce again, gtristan already found that line ages ago... :)12:02
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ironfootwow, baserock storyboard had a new user recently12:32
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* SotK sees they made some stories too12:45
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ssam2looks like a CT customer to me12:54
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jjardonseems we have some problems clonning from g.b.o: can anyone check everything is ok in the g.b.o side?14:37
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ironfootjjardon: is this regarding the problems in the migrate-bst pipeline?14:47
ironfootjjardon: if it is, please see comments above14:54
jjardonthis is the ybd CI: sorry I forgot to put the link:
ironfootis it possible that is related to ?15:01
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