IRC logs for #baserock for Sunday, 2017-04-30

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gtristanjjardon, ironfoot ... btw was just chatting in #gitlab and discovered this:10:41
gtristanI have a guess that the docker containers we're using may use the overlay "host graph driver" (which apparently is a thing, if you happen to know anything about docker, which I dont)10:43
gtristanAnd I suspect that perhaps the "host graph driver" we use in our containers does not support the extended attrs10:43
gtristanbut perhaps using devicemapper might solve this (if that is a direct pass-through, as the name sort of indicates, but I dont know)10:44
gtristanSo all that to say: maybe this is an avenue to fix the runners to be able to use ostree10:44
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jjardongtristan, seems using Fedora25 for the host did the trick:
jjardonwe are getting a different error now though:
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