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chrispolinHas anyone had the following error when attempting to build the demo as per the blog post above?
chrispolinJust to make sure I'm not doing something you've seen before, before I get into it.09:41
noisecellchrispolin, please use for baserock purposes (your link is not public)09:43
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ironfootchrispolin: I've seen that error, yes:
ironfootchrispolin: you may get better support in #buildstream (in gimpnet)09:44
chrispolinCool, I'll pop over there after I've had a look through your post. Cheers!09:45
ironfootI hit this error when trying to use buildstream with python 3.409:45
gtristanchrispolin, I havent seen that error before, but looks quite similar to
chrispolinYep, it does indeed.09:46
SotKare you using up-to-date pip?09:46
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* SotK finds that `pip install -U pip` fixes a good portion of strange pip failures I encounter like that one09:48
chrispolinMm, no luck.09:49
chrispolinI'll keep looking around, I'm sure it's something minor.09:49
jjardonif someone have problems with the runners, seems digitalocean is in maintenance: https://cloud.digitalocean.com11:05
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