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gtristanAnyone booted any baserock system built of late ?08:39
* gtristan finds that the initramfs fails to start systemd08:40
gtristanbecause of weird symlinkage08:40
gtristantries /sbin/init, which is actually located at /usr/sbin/init (/sbin being -> usr/sbin)08:41
gtristan /usr/sbin/init is -> ../../lib/systemd/systemd or such08:41
gtristanand no such file or directory08:41
paulsherwoodis your problem anythign like that?08:42
gtristannope, dont get that far08:43
* gtristan can force it with kernel append in writeexts.py08:44
paulsherwoodin answer to your original question... since i switched to my current laptop, that's what happens with baserock images for me08:44
* gtristan already had to modify again to use a built btrfs/extlinux08:44
gtristanbtw I found the issue for building stage1-gcc on morern hosts08:46
gtristanit's this:
gtristanstage1-gcc.morph: CXX="g++ -std=gnu++98" ./configure ... <-- fixes that08:46
paulsherwoodw00t! :)08:47
gtristanpaulsherwood, I *think* that may have been the issue we were talking about a while ago, where changing runners broke things08:47
gtristanthis is really a mess though :-/08:48
gtristanI dont think fixing it would be easy, but better to know what's happening08:49
gtristanI wonder if the issue you have booting might have to do with that, it may be random what gets staged in /usr/bin and what gets staged in /bin08:49
paulsherwoodis it clear what should be the canonical order for moving over the artifacts?08:50
gtristanorder of dependency08:51
gtristanand then something deterministic08:51
gtristancould be alphabetic, but at least consistent08:52
gtristanpaulsherwood, as I mentioned in the last notes... this could be an error in the /usr merge08:52
gtristanif all chunks in build-essential stage 3 dont explicitly depend on fhs-dirs stage3, then all bets are off08:52
gtristanbecause the symlinks need to be created before anything else is staged08:53
gtristanok well, enough with that test08:56
gtristanafter setting init=/usr/lib/systemd/systemd on kernel command line, I boot to gdm08:56
gtristanand then nothing happens08:56
gtristanno graphical environment08:57
* gtristan can safely just say that "we have regressed"08:57
gtristansince last year08:57
* gtristan tries to build a conversion of last year's known working system, but with recently manually converted build-essential (including /usr merge) not sure it will work09:00
gtristanbut I'm hopeful09:00
ironfootwell, if the /usr merge messed up the systemd symlinking, that bit may still be broken09:00
ironfootbut gdm might work09:00
gtristanironfoot, right, I already work around that by specifying the systemd binary in syslinux.conf09:01
ironfootyup yup09:01
gtristanstrange though, I think the symlinks are correct, does this mean it's possible to setup correct symlinks which make some pathnames unreachable ?09:02
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SotKideally there should be some way to automate checking if things boot09:09
gtristanSotK, ironfoot mentioned that the other day too, but before that happens, in the absence of that, we should still be more strict about ensuring the end result works09:09
ironfootof course we don't have to test all the systems09:10
ironfootbut also define what systems we have to test09:10
* SotK assumes that could be sensibly defined as "the contents of ci.morph"09:10
paulsherwoodimo this is only feasible with an automated smoke test09:11
SotKpaulsherwood: +109:11
ironfoot(ci.morph was kind of deprecated, and now .gitlab-ci is the one)09:11
gtristanironfoot, this situation will also be improved by splitting up the definitions into something more modular of course09:11
SotKthe other alternative is to make reviewers obliged to test builds of a bunch of stuff09:11
SotKwhich is highly annoying for reviewers09:12
SotKand was part of the reason I always wanted CI so much when I was more active here09:12
gtristanI.e. then you have the maintainer of the GNOME system *pull* a new core with new systemd and /usr merge, and report bugs back to core maintainers, but not blindly accepting these changes downstream09:12
gtristanThe onus can fall on the reviewer/maintainer but it can also fall on the patch submitter09:13
gtristanif you're making patches to definitions, and you're not building locally and booting vms *already*, then... what *are* you doing anyway ?09:14
SotKequally, that makes it frustrating to send a patch09:14
SotKsince we will likely need more than one system to be tested09:14
paulsherwoodiiuc the gap is that we need a ci step that can deploy a built system, cause the deployed system to boot, and check some things09:14
gtristanYes, as I said, ironfoot brought that up the other day09:15
SotKpaulsherwood: indeed09:15
gtristanI'm talking about being responsible, in the _absense_ of that09:15
gtristansure, it would be great if we had greater things09:15
paulsherwoodgtristan: ack09:15
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ironfootgtristan: ++09:16
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jonathanmawjjardon, paulsherwood: can either of you review please?09:35
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jjardonjonathanmaw please create a branch in our project downstream using the contents of that MR, so we can test before merge09:42
paulsherwoodjjardon: for 334 shall i 'merge when pipeline succeeds'?09:48
jjardonpaulsherwood: upstream pipeline doesn't test the rpm creation, so I think it would be better if we can test it  in our downstream pipeline as well09:56
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benbrown_jonathanmaw, jjardon: could I get a review of please14:19
* jonathanmaw has a gander14:19
jjardonbenbrown_: looks good to me14:21
benbrown_thanks guys :)14:23
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