IRC logs for #baserock for Sunday, 2017-04-02

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gtristanironfoot, is the lorry still going on ? what is the current process for lorrying something these days ?09:34
ironfootgtristan: there is a lorries repo under baserock/ in gitlab09:50
ironfootSend a merge request there09:50
* gtristan hopes it works10:00
* gtristan also notes that there are no approvers10:00
ironfootApproved, but I see no merge button10:13
ironfootYep, I can't merge things int that repo10:15
gtristanstrange, it says "Ask someone with write access to this repository to merge this request."10:18
gtristanAlthough, I believe I do have write access :-/10:18
gtristanotherwise my merge request would have had to be done from a fork10:19
jjardonmerged; now masters and developer can merge stuff10:51
gtristanjjardon, thanks !10:52
gtristanjjardon, is this still the right place to check the status: ?10:54
gtristanwill it automatically run and create ?10:54
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gtristanstill no mtools showing at :'(12:52
ironfootI'll have a look at why it's not there yet19:43
ironfootgtristan: found the problem, /me from Aug 2016 messed it up20:57
ironfootI made a mistake that hasn't showed up until a couple of weeks ago, when I updated the SSL certs  in the trove, introducing also my error20:58
ironfootAll should be sorted now20:58
ironfootAnd mtools has been lorried too:
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