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jjardonHi, what is the license of definitions?11:32
paulsherwoodthat's a great question. historically there hasn't been one11:33
paulsherwoodi would propose CC0/public domain, myself11:33
paulsherwoodand given there has never been any historic claim on this, it seems to me to be the safest/simplest approach to take now11:34
paulsherwoodit would seem a little unfair to attempt to retrofit something restrictive11:35
ssam2I agree in principle (don't know the details of CC0)11:36
jjardonId prefer
jmacsAttributed to who, though?11:38
ironfoot_I wonder if re-using instructions from LFS (MIT) affects this decision11:39
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jjardonlets use MIT then?11:40
* paulsherwood wonders how much was actually copied from LFS, and how much was inferred/originated based on reading LFS11:41
benbrown_most of the scripts (including configure/write extensions) are Codethink copyrighted GPLv211:41
paulsherwoodbenbrown_: good point11:41
paulsherwoodjjardon: in any case i suggest we should email the list on this11:43
paulsherwoodmy recommendation is just to leave the scripts as is, and assert CC0 on anytthing that doesn't have a header11:43
paulsherwoodparticularly since most of it has been run through various automated conversions over the years, as well as the many manual tweaks which were done without asserting any licence11:44
ironfootyah, we did all the work :)11:46
ironfootwe eventually looked at LFS, for some things in build essentials11:46
jjardonpaulsherwood: I think CC-BY-4.0 or MIT (even its not software) are better options11:47
jjardonand seems LFS and yocto are MIT, so maybe MIT is better11:48
paulsherwoodi repeat, why do you think it's better?11:50
rjekMIT is "do what you like, don't blame me"11:52
ironfootlooks very permissive, yes11:52
rjekpublic domain, CC0 is "do what you like"11:52
* rjek is very fond of MIT for things like this11:53
jmacsWell, not quite, MIT requires that you keep the copyright message, so it requires attribution11:53
paulsherwoodmy point is, we have not asserted MIT before... and this work started in 201111:55
paulsherwoodso the de-facto position up to now, for any adopter has been public domain imo. not a lawyer etc.11:56
jjardonI do not want to waive my copyright. And not license == proprietary (all rights reserved) so your argument is not actually true11:57
rjekThe default position of copyright is no rights11:58
rjekAbsolutely not Public Domain for this, if you want that CC011:59
paulsherwoodjjardon: ah, ok12:00
paulsherwoodi accept i'm in error.12:00
paulsherwoodwhat do folks think *is* the de-facto interpretation/position, given no assertions in the repos?12:01
rjekpaulsherwood: Who has contributed to definitions who was not working on behalf of Codethink at the time?12:03
rjekTo do this right, you need to ask them all in order to relicence12:03
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jjardonI think "CC BY 4.0" as seems MIT is more focused on software?12:46
paulsherwoodrjek: - the usual suspects :)12:51
paulsherwood`git log --pretty='format:%ae' |grep -v codethink | sort | uniq`12:51
ironfootthat was me12:53
paulsherwoodironfoot: let's start with you, then... would you be ok with any/all of CC0, CC-BY-4.0, MIT12:54
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paulsherwoodssam2: i'm guessing you are the afuera person?12:55
ironfootthat email should have been a one, so you dont need to ask12:55
paulsherwoodi'm still interested, if you have a preference12:55
ironfootI think I'm ok with any of the ones suggested12:56
ssam2paulsherwood, that's me yeah13:00
ssam2if I had to choose, I guess MIT to match linux-from-scratch.13:01
ssam2definitions seems like software to me13:01 is fine with any of the suggested options13:02
paulsherwoodssam2: it wouldn't match LFS, unless we assign copyright to Gerard iiuc13:04
paulsherwoodbut maybe i'm overthinking this :)13:04
paulsherwoodSotK: thanks!13:04
ironfoot"Computer instructions may be extracted from the book under the MIT License."13:08
ironfootoh, "assign copyright"13:08
ironfootmeh, licenses !113:09
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paulsherwoodripsum has confirmed elsewhere that he is ok with any of the re-license options13:22
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